Vaginal flatus: What it is and how to avoid embarrassment

In today’s video I will explain what vaginal flatus is: that inconvenient noise that insists on appearing in the most “inappropriate” moment in the world …

In this video I explain why it happens, how to react when it happens and what to do to avoid the problem.

The vaginal flatus happen for two main reasons:

  • Some sexual positions favor the entry of air into the vagina, which causes that awkward noise. The main positions that allow air to enter the vagina are the position of four, or any position that elevates the woman’s hips enough. In these positions the woman tends to unwittingly relax the pelvic torso muscles, thus allowing air to enter.
  • The second reason is the looseness in the musculature of the vagina, when the woman is suffering from looseness in the intimate musculature, air will enter the vagina during intercourse, thus causing the unpleasant noise. Anyway this is not the worst symptom of this laxity, in this post I explain exactly what is vaginal laxity and why it happens.

How to avoid vaginal flatus ?

Intimate gymnastics exercises strengthen the pelvic floor musculature and provide greater awareness of the vaginal musculature, thus the woman can contract the musculature during the sexual act, preventing the entry of air and the embarrassment of the vaginal flatus.
In this article  I explain everything you need to learn about intimate gymnastics and I still teach you some exercises to get you started today.

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