How To create WordPad Boxes

The WordPad word processor has proven to be a very good method for documenting and storing important information in a fairly simple format. Its usefulness has been an advantage for many when writing texts and reports for various purposes.

With the installation of this program , the person has at hand a variety of tools and settings available to organize the notes and texts, from placing boxes to correcting spelling . So this time it will be explained step by step how to create your own pictures in this program.

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  1. What are the benefits of segmenting your WordPad texts into boxes?
    1. Improve the display of your document
    2. Makes reading easier
  2. How can you create a box with + and -?
  3. How can you create your WordPad boxes using HTML?
  4. What steps do you have to follow in order to insert a table from the spreadsheets into your WordPad document?

What are the benefits of segmenting your WordPad texts into boxes?

This program, included in most versions of the Windows operating system , offers an adequate amount of settings that are not usually found in conventional text writing programs. Among its most outstanding advantages is that of making pictures, this being very useful for the following reasons:

Improve the display of your document

The presentation is a key point in the elaboration of a text. By using the checkered method, your writing will look more comfortable and organized . By placing content in this way, WordPad gives you the tools and settings to customize it and place different colors and designs.

Makes reading easier

Organizing the document through the pictures, likewise, becomes beneficial for the improvement of the reading. By distributing the content in this way, the text will have much more visibility when it is read and will have a more attractive and striking appearance.

How can you create a box with + and -?

One of the great facilities that WordPad has is that it has the option of making tables using only the keyboard , being an easy and fast method. In order to achieve this, you simply have to use the addition and subtraction symbols. The ‘+’ symbol represents the column line and the ‘-‘ symbol represents the space between columns.

These symbols must be written in the desired order, and pressing ‘Enter’ will automatically generate a table row . With the help of the ‘Tab’ key it is possible to continue adding more rows in the table. The number of rows that can be made is unlimited.

How can you create your WordPad boxes using HTML?

An equally feasible alternative to make a table in WordPad, is using HTML codes, so that it is visible using a web browser. It should be noted that this procedure can be a bit complicated for those users who are not familiar with the meaning of the codes to use.

To effectively achieve a table you must use the respective codes or labels. Each one represents different parts of the table, for example, a code is used to open table, a label to add row, to close row and to close table.

By using these codes in the correct order, a table can be generated in WordPad. And to be able to view these boxes in the document, you have to open the file with an HTML extension , it can be opened from Wordpad, a web browser and from any other program that can accept a document in HTML format.

In case of presenting any failure or error in the process of creating the tables in WordPad, the most appropriate would be to go to the official help page for WordPad . Where you can find the solution to any problem that happens.

What steps do you have to follow in order to insert a table from the spreadsheets into your WordPad document?

The link between the Excel program with WordPad is very useful when creating calculation tables. To be able to do this, open a new WordPad document and click on ‘Insert object’. In the pop-up window you must choose the option ‘Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet’.

Next, you have to select the tables, columns and tables you want and click ‘save’. Once this is done, the Excel program should be closed and the calculation table will be ready automatically in the WordPad document. And if you want to access the different settings, you just have to right-click on the table. If you have any questions, Technical Support is always there to help you.

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