How to change the starting area in New World?

In New World it is possible to coincide in an area , making it possible to play with friends at any time ; thus being able to follow the search line together. It is necessary to complete a number of initial missions after appearing in any of the four zones.

However, some of them are more difficult than others, First Light being the simplest and Everfall the most complex. Making the change of game zone in New World is very simple, because after appearing in an area you must accept and complete the initial mission. It is extremely crucial not to accept a second mission after finishing the first, as this will block that area and the player will not be able to change it. However, starting a new game by deleting the old one is also a possibility.

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  1. In how many zones can you get to go out in New World?
    1. Everfall
    2. First Light
    3. Monarch’s Bluff
    4. Windsward
  2. Is it possible to predict which zone you will be in in the game?
  3. How to move to your next area from where you start?

In how many zones can you get to go out in New World?

At the beginning of New World, there are 4 zones where users can appear ; Everfall, First Light, Monarch’s Bluff, and Windsward. Unlike other games, only once the mission that leads us to choose a faction is completed will it be possible to make a group with friends. This will help you choose a good area to farm resources in the best places.


This area of ​​New World makes it a challenging start because being so large the player must travel more terrain to complete missions. It is tedious to level up in this area and its great extension, but it is an area of ​​value in the market and is necessary at medium levels of the game. It is considered one of the best starting areas by many New World players, due to its central location on the map. As well as its abundant resources.

First Light

In New World this area is located at one of the southern ends of the map, and has a large number of resources. As well as less competition from other players for being located so distant. It is not that long, so it takes less time to complete the missions.

In this area, there are also good iron veins to mine at lower levels, and many New World NPCs available to quickly level up .

Monarch’s Bluff

In New World this mountainous area can be inconvenient to gain levels , despite its large sheep population. It is also a large territory, being sent long distances to complete missions. Despite the difficulty of leveling up in this starting area, it also makes up for the ease of training cooking skills. Also the creation of clothes and food collection from the first levels in New World.


Fourth starting zone available from New World; it has less territory than the rest of the zones . Which facilitates the transfer and shortens the time when carrying out missions in this area. It is located in the center of the four zones, making it the most convenient for meeting friends. Both this area and Everfall are convenient to start in New World, since it seems that these areas are less risky when traveling. This area becomes the most popular for players to start playing.

Is it possible to predict which zone you will be in in the game?

Unfortunately, at the moment New World is not possible to choose or predict the starting area at the time of starting play. Once the player has joined one of the servers and created a character, a short prologue begins. Subsequently, the game appears to the player in one of its four initial zones. One of the ways to change the starting zone in New World is to create a fresh new character and wait for a different starting zone next time – which is not guaranteed.

How to move to your next area from where you start?

On the New World map there are so far about 14 different areas to explore and play . Each has its own extension and some are larger than others, however, there are ways to move quickly using fast travel.

One of the following three factors must be present to achieve a fast trip in New World . Being in a Spiritual Sanctuary, making fast travel after having died to a camp, or going to an inn from anywhere.

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