How to create tab groups in Chrome

One of the most outstanding features to come to Chrome in recent months is the ability to create groups of tabs . In this way we can group several tabs so that they are collected in a single “general tab” that can be folded or unfolded simply by clicking on it.

It is a good way to have a lot of tabs open, but correctly ordered and classified thanks to the fact that we can also assign a distinctive color to each of the groups of tabs.

How to create a group of tabs in Chrome

The function of grouping tabs is available from the beta 81 of Chrome that came out at the beginning of summer, so if we have a recent or updated version of Chrome we can use this feature without problems (currently Chrome is in version 95).

  • Open Google Chrome.
  • Right click on one of the tabs you want to group.
  • Select “Add tab to group -> New group”.
  • Enter a descriptive name and choose a color for this new group of tabs.
  • Hit enter.

You will see how the tab is now covered by an underline of the chosen color and a label that shows the name of the group. Just drag the tabs and they will be added to the group automatically. That easy!

Later, if you have many tabs open, you just have to click on the corresponding label so that the group is compressed or expanded according to the needs of each moment.

Finally, we must bear in mind that if we close any group of tabs or restart the browser from scratch, the groups disappear. In a recent update, Chrome is already allowing saving groups by right clicking on the group of tabs, although this functionality for now is only available if we activate the following experimental flag:

chrome: // flags / # tab-groups-save

Tab groups on Android

In the Chrome browser version for Android you can also easily create groups of tabs.

  • Open the browser and click on the top icon that indicates the number of tabs open in Chrome.
  • In the general tab panel, drag the tab with your finger and place it on top of the other tab to form a group of two tabs.
  • Drag all the tabs you want to join to the group one by one.

Although this is not exactly a new function, and in fact it already existed in other browsers such as Vivaldi for a long time, the truth is that it is appreciated that Chrome has finally included a functionality of this type natively. In short, a fundamental tool for all those who make intensive use of the browser.

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