How to create a PayPal.Me link to receive payments

PayPal is the most widely used digital transaction platform in the world. Although there are other competent platforms for your business, this  will undoubtedly be the best option to receive money.

The PayPal link building feature makes it easy for any business to receive payments from their customers. So if you want to facilitate the sales of your business , it is time to learn how to get the most out of them.

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  1. What types of businesses is PayPal.Me compatible for?
    1. independent businesses
    2. Sales through social networks
    3. providers
    4. tourist companies
  2. How to create a PayPal.Me link?
    1. From the PayPal App
    2. From the website
    3. In a business account
  3. By what means can the PayPal.Me link be sent?
    1. Email
    2. Social networks
  4. What types of payments does PayPal charge commissions on?

What types of businesses is PayPal.Me compatible for?

PayPal is a platform loved by both businesses and consumers, mainly for its transparency and ease of making any type of claim . Reason why both sellers and customers have guarantees in their negotiations.

A PayPal.Me link can be useful for any type of business . That said, there are certain types of businesses that will benefit considerably from them compared to those that do not need to expedite these types of transactions.

independent businesses

Independent businesses usually do not have an infrastructure large enough to handle large-scale payments, or even support for simpler or smaller transactions. Thanks to this type of link, many entrepreneurs can take their first steps in the business world, saving costs in building an infrastructure to receive payments.

And as one more advantage for this type of business, is that the procedure to make money withdrawals in PayPal is extremely fast and simple compared to depending on banks to do it .

Sales through social networks

Thanks to the reach of social networks, small and medium-sized companies can sell their products and services online . Thus, PayPal.Me links make it easy for customers to make payments directly.


Because of the ease provided by PayPal to receive payments from anywhere in the world without problems, PayPal.Me links are an invaluable aid for managing payments between merchants and suppliers .

tourist companies

For tourism companies whose customers are travelers , PayPal is the perfect solution to receive quick payments from people anywhere in the world without having to worry about bank transfers between countries.

How to create a PayPal.Me link?

To create a link you only need a Pay P account as you do  not need to be verified and enter your account. Once you enter, you just have to follow the following steps depending on your device:

From the PayPal App

Scroll down to the Create a Paypal.Me link option in the area where it says “Get more out of PayPal.” Press the Create PayPal.Me profile button that you will see on the screen.

It will then ask you to upload a photo (although you can skip this step) and make a link available. Accept PayPal’s terms and conditions and you can now share your link wherever you want.

From the website

From the PayPal website the procedure to create the link is the same. The difference with the version of the App is that the location of the sections in the menu will be slightly different from that of the application.

In a business account

If you have a company account, both in the web version and in the App , the steps to follow are exactly the same, however, you must take into account that this link will be part of the brand image of the business.

By what means can the PayPal.Me link be sent?

Your PayPal.Me link works like any other regular link: that means you ‘re free to share or post it anywhere . Although as a business, there are places where they must be:


The link of a business must be available in the business email, it will serve to provide potential customers with a fast payment method regardless of where they are in the world.

Social networks

As previously mentioned, social networks are a mass media and the perfect place to publish things related to a business: for example a payment method such as PayPal links.

What types of payments does PayPal charge commissions on?

PayPal charges commissions for any transaction that takes place within its platform . Said commission is charged to the person who receives the money, although assuming the costs of this commission can be agreed between both parties (businesses usually include this commission in the price of the product or service).

Now you will be perfectly able to facilitate the management of payments in your business thanks to the Paypal.Me links. If you prefer not to use PayPal and you already have an account, remember to delete your account on your devices as a security measure.


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