How can I schedule my PayPal payments?

PayPal is a very practical payment service that you can use for your purchases online or in physical stores that accept it. You can make your money transfers comfortably, and in a matter of seconds, with your balance, card or bank account with this website commonly accepted by many businesses. It has its commission, but the business that applies it directly to you is rare, unless it almost never uses it and does you the “favor” of charging you by this means. There are so many facilities that PayPal offers you today that you can even schedule your frequent payments, subscriptions and recurring purchases.

Advantages of scheduling a shipment

Scheduling your shipments with PayPal offers you many advantages, so we are going to comment on some of the main ones, which may be of interest to you:

  • Maximum comfort . They will be done when you need it without having to spend hardly any time on it.
  • You don’t worry about them. When they are recurring or subscriptions, you do not have to worry about when is the payment day, make it, assume commissions or service cuts because you have forgotten, or receive messages from the seller telling you that the date is approaching. The specific day will come and it will be done, without further ado.
  • Security. You will have confirmed and accepted the conditions and you have made sure that they are as you wanted. If not, you can claim PayPal and find a solution to your problem, it is not like other forms of payment in which you can lose your money without the possibility of recovering it , such as scams and fraud or malicious sellers.
  • You can manage your money transfers. If you want to cancel a subscription, stop sending money, reduce donations to an organization or whatever you have scheduled, you can easily manage your payments in a short time and from one place.

Link account and card

Once you enter your PayPal account, you will find that you have to have a balance or make your money transfers through an account or bank card. In order to activate your accounts, you must enter the page and in Summary you will find, at the bottom right, the section of bank accounts and cards.

If you give the three points that you will see next, you will find that you can enter your accounts, see your balance and link the account or card. You can also access this option if you go to Portfolio. In addition, you can link your payment methods on the same home page, a little further down.

If you press any of the accounts that you have active, you will be able to see information about it, see if it is your preferred method and change this option, update the data or even delete the selected method.

If you give to link account or card, you will have to enter the data, accept and link . The service may make a minimum income to your account, which you must indicate, to confirm that the account or card is yours.

Schedule payments

If you enter a website where you can buy a service under subscription or frequent payments and use the PayPal option, or the seller has provided you with this possibility, you must accept the conditions by which you agree to pay with a certain frequency that the seller has indicated and that you accept. At that time, you will have already enabled recurring payments or subscription to the PayPal account of the seller of the product or service you purchase.

You don’t have to do anything to schedule your subscriptions, since the other person has enabled this option and you just have to confirm it . If you do not accept the conditions, do not subscribe. If you subscribe, but you regret it or there comes a time when you don’t need it, you can unsubscribe so that you will not be charged in the next billing period.

What you can do is enable and configure automatic money transfers to make it much easier for you to buy at any online store, and this is precisely where you can manage your subscriptions.

Automatic payments

These authorize the seller to charge you when you make a purchase on a website without having to log into your account, something that is usually configured in the first transaction with the seller. With this option you can also choose PayPal as the preferred way in your monthly subscriptions, periodic money transfers, installment plans or one-time purchases. One of its advantages is that you can make changes and control all automatic shipments from one place, without having to go service by service.

In Payments you can make your arrangements or even request refunds and disputes from eBay. In this last option you can configure your purchases on eBay or not configure it. In the settings you can not only see the active and inactive but also manage them. If you click on one of them, you will see the status, the last deposit, the shared information, amounts invoiced, previous charges and other information of interest to you. Where you see that its status is Active you can cancel it if you see it necessary.

If you do them from time to time, you will only pay them when you accept them. In the case of subscriptions, the information obtained is similar, only that you will be charged when the next billing period corresponds. If you click Cancel, the subscription to the service will be canceled. Anyway, you can also do it, and it is the most convenient, requesting the cancellation of the service you have contracted. This way you will avoid problems with the company that offers you the product or service. You can, in any case, cancel it in PayPal in Cancel and notify the company so that it does not try to make the charge.

It is also important that you choose your preferred way of paying for purchases online or in physical stores. Your preferred option in any of these modalities can be your PayPal balance, a specific bank account or a specific debit or credit card. Choose the one that interests you the most so that they can be done automatically through it whenever it is available (for example, if you configure the balance, but you do not have it available at that time, you will have to use another form of payment so that it is not rejected ). In physical stores you can use the balance first, and if there is not, it will be the next option.

How to view or cancel step by step

To view and cancel them on the web , you go to

  • Purse
  • Setting
  • Manage automatic payments
  • Seller
  • Cancel

To do the same in the app , you must enter:

  • Purse
  • Setting
  • Automatic payments (bottom of everything)
  • Seller
  • Delete PayPal

Other payments

In addition to the ordinary, recurring, subscriptions and the possibility of enabling automatic charges, you can access other interesting options for you for different reasons. For this reason, we are going to discuss some other options for sending money that you may need at some point, such as the service after delivery or other options for sending money to family and friends.

After delivery

If you want to program the automatic money payment, but after you have received the product or service and have checked it well, the eBay service offers this possibility to some buyers, so check if it is available because it may be interesting for you.

Through the payment service after delivery, you can pay the amount of the contracted product or service up to 21 days after the date of the transaction. You can do this for purchases of up to 15,000 euros without any additional procedure, otherwise information about your identity will be requested. You can change the settings or unsubscribe from the PDE document at any time in your PayPal account profile. It is not something that is available to all users or in all purchases, but if you have a good history you can access it.

Send money to a bank account and teller

You can now send money to bank accounts or over the counter through Xoom , a PayPal service. You only have to indicate the country, the amount of sending and receiving (if it is another currency, the automatic change will be made, assume the rates and click Send now. If you do not have an account in Xoom , you can create it and link it to PayPal easily from your own web. The process of sending money is very simple and will arrive in a short time, the service itself will advise you on the few steps you should take. Of course, remember that it is a commissioned service, not just currency conversion rates.

If you want to do it from the app, you can also do it. In the euro sign, you give to pay and there these two appear as payment options. You will have to configure Xoom if you haven’t already.

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