How to receive payments in Latin America

Are you a remote worker for a company in the United States or Europe and would you like to know how to receive your salary while in another country? How to receive payments in Latin America? Will I be charged commissions? Can I charge in my national currency or will it be in dollars/euros? In this guide we are going to tell you which are some of the best platforms to be able to receive your payments from abroad. As a result of increasing globalization and COVID-19, remote work has not stopped growing.

Whether you need this occasionally or regularly, being able to receive money in your country from abroad is getting easier. Stay to know the best tools to do it and do not miss the best platforms to send money online for free .


  • 1How to receive payments in Latin America from anywhere in the world
    • 1Payoneer
    • 2Paypal
    • 3Wise
    • 4Coinbase
    • 5AirTM
    • 6Banks

How to receive payments in Latin America from anywhere in the world

These tools that we are going to present to you can be really useful for digital entrepreneurs, freelancers, copywriters and anyone who is thinking of getting clients outside of Latin America.


Payoneer is an online tool or platform with which you will be able to create an account in the United States and link it to the local bank in your country. It works for banks in Latin America or anywhere else in the world. It is one of the best options if, for example, you do affiliate marketing with Hotmart or if you provide your services as a freelancer to an international client. It has many advantages, such as accepting most currencies and being able to have physical cards and 3 different types of currencies. It is an “international” option that would allow you to receive payments in Latin America from anywhere in the world.


Surely Paypal is the best known and most used platform when it comes to receiving payments in Latin America from abroad. However, lately the commissions for transferring money do not stop rising and that makes other options much more effective. The good thing is the ease of use, the integration as a payment method in practically all ecommerce in the world and the speed of transactions. But the more you charge, the higher commissions you will have to pay.

Wise is another of the best platforms to have different currencies, send and receive payments in Latin America and more. It is a financial products company that allows you to send and receive international transfers using the real exchange rate at very low commissions, create free accounts to receive money in different currencies and request a physical or virtual debit card to spend that money . It is very transparent about its commissions and allows you to send that money to your bank account in different currencies: dollars, pounds, euros…

  • Low commissions
  • real exchange rate
  • Easy to use
  • Transparent
  • fast and reliable
  • Minimum commission of 0.50cnt
  • limited features
  • Sin operative with checks or cash
  • not all currencies


Another convenient way to receive payments in Latin America from foreign countries and surely the most recommended if it is on a regular basis is Coinbase . It is a cryptocurrency trading platform that can also be used as a virtual wallet. You will also have a unique address where you can receive cryptocurrencies from your customers.

Go to Coinbase

  • Easy to use
  • Wide variety of cryptocurrencies
  • Lots of extra features
  • They are not the lowest commissions you will find
  • Somewhat slow tech support
  • Limited help in Spanish


One of the most used wallets to receive payments in Latin America is AirtTM. The best of all is that you can convert the accumulated money into real money, being able to convert from the dollar to any local currency. There is no set up cost and commissions are low ($0.40 cents), so it is also recommended for frequent use.

Go to AirTM

  • Access to dollars from anywhere in the world
  • If your currency is easily devalued (as in Venezuela) you can keep the dollars and not lose value
  • Free shipping to other AirTM
  • It really is a good option, although commissions can be high when transferring large amounts of money


Finally, you can always count on some banks to receive your payments in Latin America from abroad, although it is probably the worst option due to the high commissions and legal obstacles that they will put on you. However, some like Facebank or Banesco Panama work quite well and for those who do not trust digital tools it can work.

And now that you know some of the best platforms to send and receive payments in Latin America from other countries, you may be interested in our guide on Best applications to save money .


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