How to create a clone Oracle Database with RMAN

The Oracle RMAN utility allows you to create a duplicate database on a local or remote computer. This process is useful when you want to create a test or standstill environment for a development team, or if you want to back up the database to another computer to protect against data loss. A duplicate database is created using the Oracle PL / SQL language. Instructions

1. Click the Windows “Start” button and select “SQL * Plus” from the “Oracle” program group to open the code editor.
2.Type the following code at the command prompt to load and mount the database you want to duplicate:

CONNECT database such as SYSDBA; STARTUP MOUNT;Replace “database” with your database name and replace “sysdba” with your admin username. After pressing “Enter” type the password to connect.
3.Create a duplicate database using RMAN. Type the following Oracle code to create the duplicate database:

DUPLICATE TARGET database for dupdbPFILE = / DUP / oracle / dbs /initDUPDB.oraNOFILENAMECHECK;Replace “dupdb” with the name of the duplicate database and replace the value “PFILE” with your file name. You can store the new duplicate file name in a local folder or a folder on the remote computer.

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