How to clone your Mac

The Mac cloning feature is one of those that users use more often than you might think, and that leads us to think that, at some point, you too will want to take advantage of it. And although the MacOS operating system has its own tool, it does not work for everyone. Therefore, if you are not satisfied with how Time Machine works, we will show you how to clone your Mac correctly and why you should do it .

As we said, Time Machine is the solution that Apple provides us for these situations, and although its basic results can get us out of trouble, it has too many limits and is not very flexible. Like everything in Apple, let’s go. Then there is no choice but to find an alternative solution , and we have one for you.

More specifically, we are going to talk about Carbon Copy Cloner 6 , a software with everything you need to clone Mac, which will solve your demands with a much higher configuration and customization capacity.

But what is Carbon Copy Cloner 6?

Created by the firm Bombich , Carbon Copy Cloner 6 has two purposes as detailed, the first being to perform a single and complete cloning of your Mac and, the second, to perform periodic backups . Eventually, you will discover details that you would like to see in Time Machine, according to its developers.

Most interesting features of Carbon Copy Cloner 6

  • You can create backups on an external drive or another Mac
  • You can recover files that you thought you had lost forever
  • You have the possibility of making backup copies of programs, ignoring yourself
  • You receive notifications about the status of the copy processes, from the Notification Center
  • You get a very interesting browsing speed, in any of the MacOS versions

And how to clone my Mac with Carbon Copy Cloner 6?

There are different ways to clone your Mac with Carbon Copy Cloner 6, although below we are going to try to explain, very basically, what are the steps you have to follow:

  • Download Carbon Copy Cloner 6 from this link
  • Open the program on your computer
  • Select a font, which should be Macintosh HD by default
  • Select a backup destination, such as an external drive
  • Indicate that you want an external backup
  • Click on Automation, and in the drop-down menu, customize your backups

On the other hand, if you wish, you will have the possibility to determine different events around the backups, and what are the events that should occur around them.

Our recommendation, in this sense, is that you make at least one backup copy a week since, in this way, you are going to make sure that all important elements are protected against any incident .

Carbon Copy Cloner 6 Advanced Aspects

Carbon Copy Cloner 6 allows you to make previews of the backups , so that you can go reviewing the files protected by this method, to confirm that they are the ones you want to preserve.

With its “Snapshots” function, you can recover files as they were at a certain time , although for them it is essential that you take the trouble to create these file snapshots constantly.

Finally, you should know that Carbon Copy Cloner 6 can be tried for free for 30 days , an attractive opportunity that, for more than one, will mean enough time to check if it is what you are looking for.

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