How to access safe mode in Windows 11

Access to the safe mode of Windows 11 is too easy and we have two methods to do so. This will temporarily disable drivers and various system functions to help the computer run stably ; something that allows us to solve a large number of operating system problems that may appear with the use of it.

Access Windows 11 Safe Mode

There are several ways to access the advanced startup of Windows 11, in this way we can access the safe mode.

For this we will have to click on the “Start” menu and then click on the icon to turn on / off the computer in the lower right corner of this menu. We will hold down the Shift key on our keyboard and click on “Restart”.

There is another way to access safe mode in Windows 11 ; We will have to go to the application to Settings, for this we can press the Windows + i key combination. Next, we are going to have to click on “System” and then we are going to select “Recovery”.

Once we are in the recovery configuration page , we will have to look for the option of “Advanced startup” and we will have to click on the button that says “Restart now” that is on the right side.

Windows will ask for a confirmation in a pop-up window, what we will have to do is press “Restart now” and that’s it.

After this Windows will restart and a blue screen will appear where we can read “Choose an option” at the top, and we will have several available. Among them, the one that interests us is the one that says “Solve problems.”

Once we are on the troubleshooting page, we will have to click on “Advanced Options”.

Next, we will have to click on “Startup Settings”.

Once we are in the startup configuration, what remains to be done is to click on “Restart”.

In this way, the PC will restart in the “Startup Settings” menu that has 9 options available. We will have to press the “4” key to start Safe Mode; 5 for Safe Mode with Networking and 6 for Safe Mode with Command Prompt.

When we make our selection, Windows will restart in the mode we previously chose. Obviously the screen will have a much lower resolution and the background will be replaced, this is because many drivers and configurations are not loaded in safe mode; which is ideal for troubleshooting various operating system problems.

If we want to exit Windows safe mode, the only thing we are going to have to do is restart the computer normally and that’s it.


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