How to create a clan in Clash Royale and make it grow to fill it?

If you are a fan of the strategy title Clash Royale from Supercell. Then you should know that it allows its users to establish friendships and alliances through groups called clans. These are one of the greatest attractions of the game and that is why today you will learn how to create a clan in Clash Royale and make it grow.

How to Create a Clan in Clash Royale and Make It Grow to Full

And is that, nowadays everyone wants to have their own group with friends to play (no matter what the game is). This is known by the company that created Clash , so in one of its first updates I added this function. However, although it is old, not everyone knows how to use it, so you will see just that below.

How to create a clan in Clash Royale and make it grow to fill it?

The first thing you will learn is to create your clan, so that you can answer the initial part of the question How to create a clan in Clash Royale and make it grow until it is full? (You should also know that if you don’t want to create it, anyone can join a private or public clan) . Now step number one for creation is obviously to open your game on your mobile (which you can download for free from the PlayStore ).

Then you have to scroll to the section ” Social ” located at the bottom. In it open three tabs, the number one is the clans, where you can select a clan worldwide just by touching it.

Inside this you will see all the players who have joined and their levels. If the clan is available and free, you can hit the green button called ” Join ” to enter. But, since what you want is to create one, you will have to go to tab number two.

In this section you will be allowed to create a clan for only 1000 gold coins, the only requirement you must meet is to be at least level 1. If you meet this and have the money, you must choose the following: a name for your clan, an emblem, a description (you will put the rules there).

Also, the type (if it is open or closed), the necessary trophies that must be had to enter it and finally the location of the clan (country where you reside). Having configured everything just touch the ” Create ” button and voila, you will be the proud leader of your own group of warriors.

Strategies to fill your clan of people

Now that you know what the creation process is, it is time for you to finish answering the question How to create a clan in Clash Royale and make it grow until it is full? For this you must know some tricks that will help you have the best clan.

The first thing is to gather a group of friends (at least three), the idea behind this is that you can have trusted co-leaders to whom you can leave the clan when you are not going to be present (never collide with strangers).

As a second tip or tip, you should leave the cups to a minimum and the clan open. Although you want it to be exclusive, the best thing to grow quickly is to place a minimum of low cups, and also leave the clan open to anyone (this will allow people to find you).

Tip number three would be to level up the clan as soon as possible. Once you have achieved the minimum number of players, you must play clan war or create and organize your own tournament , as this will ensure that the people who entered do not get bored, and in turn will make you level up, which will show you more high on top .

Finally, invite strong rivals or opponents to join you, this can be done by viewing the history of your battles and sending them the invitation. And in turn advises the most novices, giving them information such as how often a new card comes out , or how to win and get free gems and chests , so that they level up quickly.

With that there is nothing more to say, so the question How to create a clan in Clash Royale and make it grow until it is full ? , is already answered, now go to your mobile and start your group.


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