How to create a cinema 4D logo animation

In the world of design, there are a lot of tools to ensure that your work is a true masterpiece . However, some programs stand out above others, depending on the needs or levels of demand. One of them is After Effects, with its ability to create from videos with transparent backgrounds to a cinema 4D logo animation.

Incursion to After Effects

Adobe, for many years has stood out due to the impeccable quality in each of its products that it develops or acquires.

Such is the case of Adobe After Effects , this software was designed in 1993 by the Company of Science and Art, showing great qualities , enough to attract the attention of Adobe and that this, before the intention of other companies, acquired it in 1994.

What is it about?

Talking about After Effects is synonymous with the quintessential tool for the design and production of audio visual content. Generally, it is used by teams linked to the world of television, and even cinema.

The technology of the fourth dimension

It’s been just over 130 years since the first movie in history was released. Despite the belief of many people who claim that this event belongs to the Lumière brothers in 1985, the truth is that many overlook the short film by Louis Le Prince from 1888.

The world of entertainment through these cinematographic pieces has changed abruptly and more and more technological tools are being implemented to make you live incredible experiences. 3D effects on moving objects and multimedia files have gone down in history with 4D technology .

4D animations

However, the fourth dimension not only applies to film production , there are more than enough tools for the design of other audiovisual elements, such as a logo.

4D logos in After Effects

Probably somewhere you have seen something related to logo design using 4D technology and it has caught your attention. If so, this software will be very helpful to materialize this type of project. Do not hesitate to try it and take advantage of the instructions that will be shown below.

How to do it?

Once you are in the main panel of After Effects, it is time to learn how you can make a Cinema 4D logo through the functions of this spectacular software.

  • The first step will be to enter a text or symbol through the “MoGraph” tab and, later, by clicking on the “MoText” option.
  • On the right of the screen you will have the necessary tools to modify the text (font style, location, among other functions).

The text or symbol that you have just inserted has polygons, which cannot, until now, be visualized. How to fix this? Easy:

  1. Click on the “Display” tab .
  2. Select “Quick Shading (Lines).
  3. On the right side of your screen, click on the “Caps” tab.
  4. Next, in the “Type” section, you will select “Quadrangles”.
  5. Check the “Regular Gird” box .
  6. Make use of the rest of the options that will allow you to reduce the size of the polygons, as well as add subdivisions. The more there are, the greater effects you can add.

Text selection

After completing this procedure, click on the symbol just below the “Character” tab and select the “Connect” option .

  • A window will open on the right of your screen.
  • Drag the item “MoText” to “Connect”, taking care that an arrow pointing down appears.
  • Then select both items and press the C key.

That way, you will have the possibility to select the polygons to start inserting effects. If you’ve inserted a lot of subdivisions, you can press the U and L keys to make further selections.

  • Click on the “Select” tab.
  • Click on “Set Selection”.

Unleash your imagination

From here, it only remains to explore the different effects available in After Effects to create the perfect animation . You can try these effects both in the “Tags” tab and in “Simulate”.

Do you dare to try it?

4D animation for logos is a subject with extensive content, however, with these simple steps you already have the basic knowledge to create the best cinema 4D logo animation thanks to one of the functions of Adobe After Effects.


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