Medical exchange: is it possible?

Do you study medicine or are you going to start college and dream of having an experience in another country or even in other regions of Brazil? Know that there are several options for making a medical exchange; to be more specific, there are more than 13,000 possibilities. This is the number of research and clinical-surgical exchanges carried out throughout the year, in different parts of the world, by the International Federation of Medical Students Associations, IFMSA.

The duration is usually one month, during which the student will do an internship at a local hospital and also participate in a social project. It is a great opportunity for social and professional growth for the future doctor. In this article, we’ll cover a little bit about the program and the process for entering it. Come on?

About the International Federation of Medical Students Associations:

IFMSA (Federation of Medical Students Associations) is the main gateway to medicine exchange programs inside and outside the country. Composed of more than 1.3 million medical students in more than 130 countries, it is the largest student organization on the planet! Yes, it is an institution made up of volunteer students who contribute to the qualification of students and future medical professionals in the world.

IFMSA-Brazil, an affiliated organization that operates in the country, is responsible for the “bridge” of many Brazilian colleges with others around the world. So it is interesting to know if your educational institution is affiliated with the organization and to contact your school representative. If not, you also have the option to join your college, as any student can do that. Just send an email to the Organization clarifying your interest.

In addition to the exchange programs, IFMSA also gives its members the opportunity to participate in an annual event called General Assembly, which brings together the WHO, VMA and UN; in addition, the institution offers workshops, important lectures to deepen medical learning; and the development and participation of regional social projects. The USP committee, for example, has already implemented, with the help of the organization, sex education and family planning projects in communities in São Paulo.

What do you need to know:

Registration: Registration is made within the deadline stipulated in the notice and a fee must be paid, which varies depending on the exchange – national or international. In it you place the options of places and universities that you would like to exchange.

Selection: To be approved in the selection process, you must go through a selection step, which occurs together with the applications. It is a scoring system organized by IFMSA-Brazil itself. In this system, the period of the faculty that this is taken into account; participation in an Academic League; if you are or have been a monitor of any subject; production of scientific articles; among other activities listed in the notice. The amount of points accumulated, as well as the certificate of knowledge of the English language will define which of the exchange options you can carry out. If you don’t pass first, you can stay on the waiting list and get a seat in the remaining places.

Agreement between the faculties: The exchange operation system is based on a bilateral agreement; that is, the university that offers places for students from another institution is entitled to send the same number of students, with the same benefits. In this way the offers of accommodation and food will vary, depending on what was agreed between the colleges.

Benefits: In addition to the benefits of the exchange itself, such as the opportunity to get to know other cultures and landscapes; in the case of medicine, contacting other methods, equipment and social contexts, the program also offers accommodation and food. The length of stay and the number of meals varies depending on the location and the university you are attending.

Did you like to know a little more about how exchange in medical school works? Now that you know how it works, don’t miss the opportunity to delve deeper into the profession; accumulate diverse experiences; and still take a trip!

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