How to install and configure a Squid proxy server in Ubuntu

Computer operating systems have an interesting number of tools. Although, the issue itself is not the quantity of tools but the quality of them. One of them, is the proxy server, which is why you are here: to install and configure a Squid proxy server in Ubuntu.

Microsoft, the giant of the digital and computing field, has established a kingdom that seems to have no end, thanks to the fact that it is strengthened in the throne with each update of the most used software in the world: Windows.

The struggle of other operating systems

Despite this, the rest of the companies that are responsible for developing other operating systems. Linux continues to strive to be on the best operating system with each new version released , despite the gap being too wide.

Constant growth

Despite everything, it is striking that Linux, at least in recent times, is gaining some popularity and it is increasingly common for users to use this operating system .

Proxy servers

If there is any element or component of your computer’s operating system you should take care of, that, without a doubt, is the proxy server . What is it about and why can the subject change be so abrupt? It is really necessary to highlight it.

Using the internet is much more complex than connecting a cable to your computer or establishing a wireless connection to use the browser and other applications. The internet requires a constant exchange of data. The proxy server is in charge of making this possible .

Because they are important?

It can be said, then, that the proxy server is nothing more than an intermediary between the sender and the receiver (in this case, your computer) in a constant demand for information for optimal performance of a connection.

Wouldn’t it be better if there were no intermediaries? Probably, but it does not hurt to have this intermediary, since it acts as a security layer to protect your data while browsing the internet.

Ubuntu Linux and the proxy server

Returning to the topic related to operating systems, something that draws attention within Linux is one of its distributions: Ubuntu, which was launched in 2004 and which, today, continues to be widely used by users of this operating system.

In this sense, Ubuntu Linux has found an extraordinary complement when it comes to proxy servers. In this article where you can discover it or obtain more information about this tool.

Exploring “Squid”

It stands as one of the most used applications when a debate has arisen about proxy servers. Squid , launched in 1996, has remained the preferred software for many people around the world, due to its characteristics: cross-platform and free software, an ideal tool to function as a proxy server for browsers .

Install and configure Squid on Ubuntu Linux

You have Ubuntu Linux and you were looking for a proxy server? Did you have any doubts about Squid? Now you can clear any kind of doubts! This combination will be perfect for you to give your computer an air of security when it comes to being on the web.

Installing Squid on your Ubuntu Linux is a process that does not require much effort. You just have to pay attention to the steps and the following command lines :

  • Enter your computer’s terminal.
  • Install Squid with the following command: sudo apt-get install squid
  • Configure Squid as follows:
    • Replace ” #cache_dir ufs / var / spool / squid3 100 16 256″ with
    • “Cache_dir ufs / var / spool / squid3 3000 16 256 max-size = 200000000” (this increases the size of the cache and increases the number of subdirectories in its two levels).
  • Stop the proxy server with the following command:
    • sudo service squid stop
    • sudo squid –z
  • Reconfigure the Squid file and, before the ” http_access deny all ” section, add the command ” http_access allow all” , which allows access to all clients.
  • Restart the server using the command « sudo service squid restart «.

Ready! Squid has been installed and configured on Ubuntu Linux

In this simple way, you can now enjoy efficient and safe browsing by installing and configuring your Squid proxy server, not only for Ubuntu Linux but for any other platform. Do not wait more! Try and recommend Squid as a proxy server.


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