How to create a book from Wikipedia

Wikipedia is usually the first place we visit to learn about something and collect information.We often bookmark certain Wikipedia pages for further reading. Each page has many links that interest us and we may have to visit them over and over again. Instead of bookmarking these pages, you can now create an eBook by collecting all the required Wikipedia pages in PDF format. You can reorder the pages and classify them one chapter at a time as you want. Let’s see what steps you need to take to create an eBook from Wikipedia.

Create a book from Wikipedia

First visit the Wikipedia page that interests you and you want to add it to the eBook. On the left side, click the Create Book link in the Print / Export section.

The Book Creator page opens showing how to use the Book Creator and the steps to create an eBook from Wikipedia. Let’s take a look, one by one, to create an e-book. Click the Start Book Creation button .

You will be taken back to the previous page and you can now see the “Book Creator” section added at the top. You can now add pages to your eBook. There are two ways to add pages to an eBook. One way is to add the current Wikipedia page or pages that are present on this current page as links. To add the current page to your eBook, click the Add this page to your book link . This page is added to your eBook.

To add a linked wiki page to your eBook, hover your mouse over the link and you will be shown ” Add linked wiki page to your book.” Click on this link and this page will also be added to your eBook.

In addition to selecting individual Wikipedia pages, it is possible to browse pages that are appropriate for your theme. Click on the Suggested Pages link and it will display links to wiki pages appropriate for your eBook.

To add suggested wiki pages to your eBook, click the green plus button next to the linked page. This gives a message because the page has been added to your eBook and you can even undo the action to remove the added page from the eBook.

These are a few easy steps to add pages to your eBook. You can now manage your eBook by reordering added pages, creating chapters and rearranging them, and more. So let’s take a look at how to manage the generated e-book.

Manage your e-book

The number of pages added will be shown next to Show Book . Since we have added 5 pages for now, it shows 5 pages next to Show book link. Now, to manage your book, click the Show Pages link and it will open the Manage Book section .

You can give title, subtitles, columns, and more from the options available. You can place all of these pages in one chapter. To create a chapter, click the Create Chapter link , enter the chapter title in the pop-up window and click OK. The created chapter will finally be added by default.

To place all of this content in the chapter you just created, drag it to the top of that content. You can even change the order of the content or added wiki pages by dragging and dropping them as shown in the picture,

You can rename a chapter by clicking the Rename link . If you want to remove any page or chapter from your ebook, you can click on the trash can icon next to each page. To view a page, click on the strings icon next to the page.

When you’re done, click the Download PDF button .

It starts generating an eBook and it takes time depending on the number of pages you have created.

After everything is done, the ” Upload file” file will be displayed . Click on it or right-click on the link and select ” Save Link As “. This will download the generated PDF eBook to your local system.

Open the created e-book and make sure all pages are under the created chapter. The chapter and contents are also in the order that we indicated when creating the book.

You can even get a printed version of the book you created from Pedigrees. What topic did you create an e-book from Wikipedia on?

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