How to create a Wikipedia account;5 Tips

Today Wikipedia is one of the most reliable pages that exist on the web and this is because all its information is meticulously reviewed and reliable sources are used regarding its content. This added to the fact that it is a platform that can be accessed from any computer or mobile, Wikipedia has become a free encyclopedia so recognized worldwide.

While it is true, publishing an article is difficult and undergoes rigorous evaluation, you can also be part of the community , and if you want to do it to write your own biographies, participate in discussions and enjoy other benefits, you must create one bill.

In this article you will learn how to create an account on Wikipedia and the advantages of having one. We will discuss the requirements to open an account on Wikipedia, the procedures to do so and how to delete your account at any time.

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  1. Why is it recommended to create an account on Wikipedia?
  2. How can we create an account on Wikipedia
  3. What are the requirements to follow to create a page on Wikipedia
  4. How to create a biography on Wikipedia
  5. How can we delete a Wikipedia account

Why is it recommended to create an account on Wikipedia?

You do not need to have an account on Wikipedia to enjoy many of its functions, as you can do an advanced and complex search for information without having an account. However, by opening an account you get several benefits .

It is recommended to open an account on Wikipedia, since you will be able to create discussion pages that give access to communication with other users on relevant topics. In turn, you can create a page for others to have access to the information you post.

Likewise, you can contribute to different projects , have at your disposal tools to edit, customize certain aspects in Wikipedia, participate in voting and much more. Finally, you should know that if you are a registered user you can have a follow-up list and even a list of contributions.

How can we create an account on Wikipedia

The steps to create an account on Wikipedia are very simple, since the web page only requires a username and password.

The first step in creating an account on Wikipedia is to go to the “ create an account ” section, found on the website. This option can be found in the upper right bar. Subsequently, you must fill in the fields by entering a username and password that you always remember.

It is also useful if you add an email to which you receive information from Wikipedia or it can help you to reset the access code in case you need it, and the good thing is that the registration is completely free.

What are the requirements to follow to create a page on Wikipedia

To have an account on Wikipedia the only requirements are to enter a username that you like and choose a password . Do not forget that it is also convenient to enter an email so that you receive information or support it.

How to create a biography on Wikipedia

The first thing to do is do enough research on Wikipedia , because if you want to publish a biography, it will be reviewed. In turn, to publish a biography it is necessary to have an account on the website .

Subsequently, you should look for the information that will go in the biography and that it is obtained from reliable sources. Also, if you add an image, you must publish one that is original.

Taking into account all the above procedures, you can start with the writing of the biography in the interface of the page. You have to format the content including the encoding using HTML . Finally , the written content should be sent to Wikipedia and awaited the response that will conclude the review procedure.

How can we delete a Wikipedia account

If you want to delete your Wikipedia account for any reason, you have to know that it is impossible . Once the account is created, it cannot be deleted.

The most recommended thing is that you simply do not continue writing for Wikipedia and that you request the change of username. This is a process in which you will need the email that you entered at some time.

If you want to erase your trace from the website , you can also submit a request for the biographies or articles you have written to be removed. It is worth telling you that this is also a very complicated and tedious procedure


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