Walkthrough Black Book

Complete walkthrough of the Black Book game with all additional tasks and locations

After the initial video, we are immediately transported to the grave of Vasilisa’s beloved. We can light candles, after which we go to grow.

Black Book Walkthrough – Starting Location

Behind the fence under the right tree we find the grass “Adam’s head” and move on in a straight line. We make our way through the field and near the scarecrow we find a cover-grass.

Prologue. How to initiate sorcerers

Black Book Walkthrough – Performing the First Rite

We meet with grandfather Yegor. Vasilisa will have to perform a ceremony and become a witch, in order to later go to Hell for her beloved. We take away another Adam’s head and talk to grandfather.

Black Book Walkthrough – Draw a Circle

We take the candles near the milestone and take them to grandfather Egor. We draw a circle near him and carry out the ceremony.

Black Book Walkthrough – Black Book

We open the book and meet with the first enemy in the game. To win in each battle, you will have to use different spells from the book. We use the card “Uraza” and end the move. We use “Avdelay” to defend against enemy attacks. We make a conspiracy of two cards “Uraza” and one “Slave”. In the last turn, the enemy will have one unit of health, so it is enough to use any offensive spell.

Black Book Walkthrough – Fighting the First Opponent

At the end of the battle we go into the gates of Hell and examine the black rift.

Walkthrough Black Book – We pass inside the rift

We communicate with the demon and get out back.

Black Book Walkthrough – Meet the Unknown Demon

We use any answer options, and the demon will say that he will give Vasilisa at least three devils to serve. From that moment on, the girl became a vexhitsa.

Black Book Walkthrough – Wake Up in the Hut

Waking up, Vasilisa learns that grandfather Yegor dragged her home. The girl needs to open six more seals on the book. One visitor who needs help is waiting for her outside the house. We can first ask the grandfather about his life. We tell the miller that evil spirits have started up on him on the chickenpox. For the correct answer, we will receive an additional reward. We take Adam’s head from grandfather Yegor and set off. An additional task is also activated, which we can complete on the way to the mill.

Black Book Walkthrough – Don’t do evil deeds for a good ending

First of all, we go to the Mogilevsky estate. We meet with a peasant, who will ask you to spoil your sister-in-law. It is best to refuse any action, otherwise the level of Vasilisa’s sin will be increased.

Black Book Walkthrough – Kusheva Village

We open the map and move to the village of Kusheva. Girl Aksinya will ask for help. After the evening tea, demons raged in the house. We inform you that the residents forgot to cross the dishes and agree to help them. We examine the house and approach the samovar to join the battle. The book prompts about all subsequent actions of enemies with the corresponding icons above their heads, so we try to attack evil spirits without protection and activate cards that will completely protect them from blows. Each turn we use the protective spells “Avdelay” and activate “Urazy”. All offensive spells must be used on the devil from the samovar. After his death, the second enemy will be completely defenseless. After defeating the enemy, you need to choose a new spell for the book. At this stage, if available, it is better to take “Trouble” or another attack word.

Walkthrough Black Book – Staritsa

We leave for the old woman. We outline a circle to protect ourselves from the hidden attack of the demon. This fight is very simple. We impose protective spells so that the enemy cannot injure Vasilisa and little by little we attack the devil. We move to the Kamgori grove.

Black Book Walkthrough – Meeting a Beggar in Kamgor Grove

We meet a beggar woman who will ask for some coins. We give the old woman two rubles and get Adam’s head in return. We pass to the forest near Bigichi.

Black Book Walkthrough – Bigichi Forest

Here you can take offerings or distort the letter, but both actions will increase the level of sin. We leave the location and move to Lake Kachevo. We can say a prayer, but it is better to join the battle to get a new spell.

Black Book Walkthrough – Near the Nizovka River

We move to the Nizovka river and follow the crow, which will lead Vasilisa to the edge of the swamp. In this place, the girl will find a damn finger. It can be used to increase the heroine’s health. We return back to the Penesherskaya ravine. Vasilisa discovers a tear-grass. To do this, it is enough to wait for the snake.

Black Book Walkthrough – Gorodishchenskaya Log

We move to the Gorodishchenskaya ravine. Vasilisa will meet two peasants who will jokingly try to push her off the ravine. We hit in response a man who will turn into a demon, like his friend. In this battle, you need to quickly get rid of a strong enemy, which will deal 15 points of damage in three turns. We use all the attacking spells on the thug and then we finish off his assistant. Also, before attacking a huge demon, we can use protective spells that will prevent the instant death of Vasilisa.

Walkthrough Black Book – Peipsi Forest

We move to the Peipsi forest and find a flock of devils. We can rush into the battle to get one more card in the deck or inspect the wreckage, in which Vasilisa will find several coins. We move to the old mill and look around. We collect grass, we approach the log-carrier to the right and study the structure.

Black Book Walkthrough – Old Mill

If we climb inside the mill here, then Vasilisa will lose several units of health. We follow to the backyard and find the ax. Here we take away one more herb and go to the main entrance. We open the door with the help of the tear-grass and go inside. Nothing useful can be found in the mill. We do not take the miller’s money on the second floor and go up to the very top. We meet the devil who guards the mill. We answer that he was lured by the victim and agree to take him with us. The demon does not mind continuing the journey with Vasilisa, but he wants to test her abilities.

How to Defeat the Thirteenth Brother

Black Book Walkthrough – Thirteenth Brother

The first serious opponent in the game. To defeat the devil, you will need to carefully monitor his health level. It should be noted that the enemy uses two attacks of 5 damage each, so be sure to activate protective spells from the deck. Do not forget to use the found grass to restore health, otherwise Vasilisa will die in a few moves.

Black Book Walkthrough – The main thing is to have time to protect yourself from blows

We combine the most suitable cards and, in their absence, we only defend ourselves. After defeating the enemy, we will get a new level and a pumping point, with which we can open one skill. It is best to first of all study the skill “Cunning 1” in the “Devil’s Knowledge” branch in order to send the imp that reduces health to pointless work in the future.

Chapter 1. How to substitute in the bath

Black Book Walkthrough – A Journey for the Aspen Seal

We talk with grandfather Yegor and examine the devils. If you do not send them on tasks, then they will reduce some of Vasilisa’s parameters. Otherwise, the girl will receive a small reward for completing each action, but the level of sins will increase. For the best ending, it is not recommended to use demons. We accept visitors and receive coins from the miller as a reward. We will also meet again a man who wants to spoil his relative. If we agree, we will increase the level of sin. We communicate with Nikolai, who met the demon in the bath. We choose the “Banniki” option and agree to help him. We accept the remaining visitor and hit the road.

Black Book Walkthrough – At Vasilisa’s “Base”

We follow to the grove near the hut and listen to the demon’s song until the very end, and then we enter the battle. The enemy will summon a strong man who will deal 15 points of damage after three turns. We try to get rid of the demon as quickly as possible and finish off the remaining opponents. We follow to the Rusal backwater. Nikolai and Vasilisa will stumble upon a ball of snakes. You can bypass them to avoid a battle or engage in combat by choosing any of the three options. If we call Nikolai, we will find grass, but we will have to fight with two enemies at once. You can also read the conspiracy, then the battle will be with only one opponent. On the first turn, you must use the most offensive spells. The snake will inflict poison, and Vasilisa will take further damage for each spell cast.

Walkthrough Black Book – Mikhailovskaya Rosstan

After the victory, we go to the Mikhailovskaya Rosstan. Let’s greet the demon and agree to help him. The answer is “Litovka” and “River Cape”. For the correct answers we will get some coins, experience and a new word in the deck. If you give even one wrong answer, then you have to fight the demon.

Black Book Walkthrough – At each location you can meet a merchant

We can go to the healer to buy some herbs, but this is not necessary at all, so we go to the village of Ezovka.

Black Book Walkthrough – Ezovka Village

We examine the hut and go inside. We read a prayer and get a piece of clay. We move to the Trinity Church.

Black Book Walkthrough – Trinity Church

We talk with the priest and read a prayer for the full restoration of health.

Walkthrough Black Book – Prosphora will come in handy at any stage of the game

You can also buy several useful items, for example, prosphora, which will reduce the torment of devils by one unit. We follow to the Curve Log, where we notice a fireball. We are not trying to escape, otherwise we will lose our health. We choose any other option and leave the area empty-handed.

Walkthrough Black Book – Oryol Kurya

We move to the Oryol kurya, where a malevolent spirit will offer to drink tea. Drinking the drink is not worth it, as it will lower Vasilisa’s health level, so we attack him or continue on our way. In battle, you will have to defeat a strong man and a small demon. Vasilisa has enough spells to deal with a powerful enemy in two turns. To do this, if possible, first use offensive spells and activate Nikolai’s attack.

Black Book Walkthrough – A new map with locations is activated for each task

After defeating the enemies, we move to the Kotzhilskoe lake. If we examine the pit, we will lose three units of health, but at the bottom we will find a new entry for the encyclopedia.

Walkthrough Black Book – Zapolsky Manor

We go to the Zapolsky estate, where we agree to sing a song. This action will restore the girl’s health.

Walkthrough Black Book – Mostok

We follow to the footbridge leading to the baths. We meet a mysterious silhouette and try to approach it. The spirit will immediately dissolve, and Vasilisa will receive additional experience.

Walkthrough Black Book – Bath

We leave for the main task to the bathhouse on the shore. We collect on the grass near the bathhouse and a small wooden pier. We examine the bathhouse and talk with Nikolay. We answer “Didn’t ask for it” in order to gain experience and find out the reason for the demon’s attack.

Walkthrough Black Book – We go inside in search of the imp

We go inside and examine all points. We consistently choose each option in a conversation with Nikolai and start preparing for the ritual. We draw a circle, melt the bathhouse and begin to pronounce a conspiracy. We warn Nikolai not to leave the circle.

Walkthrough Black Book – Meet a Girl

The girl who appears will claim that she is not evil. We answer that she is a substitute and agree to help. We ask the girl about all the necessary items and return to the hut. We choose the option “Devil-changeling” and decide to go first for the cross.

How to get the cross

Black Book Walkthrough – Returning to the Hut

We receive visitors, talk to Nikolay and play cards, and then we go towards Yanidor.

Black Book Walkthrough – A fair amount of money can be won at the fair

We can visit the fair and buy a couple of useful items, and then we move to the Turchansky tract. We are trying to talk to the traveler, but he asks to give him all the money. We will use Nikolai’s help and calmly continue our journey.

Black Book Walkthrough – Boreal Forest

We move to the northern forest, where we get Adam’s grass. We move to the house by the Tarakanovka river. We examine the hut and find the body of a musician. If we take the money, we will increase the level of sin, so it is better to bury the man.

Walkthrough Black Book – Alimovskaya Grove

We leave for Alimovskaya grove, where Vasilisa will notice two devils. We immediately intervene in what is happening and attack the enemies. After defeating the demons, we notice a new location and move to the old cemetery.

Black Book Walkthrough – Old Cemetery

We examine the crosses, read a prayer and leave the area. If we collect lands, we will get a new item, but we will increase the level of sin.

Black Book Walkthrough – Battle on the East Bridge

We move to the eastern bridge and stand up for the sinner. After the victory, we move on to Stefanov’s stone.

Black Book Walkthrough – Stefanov’s Stone

We can take offerings and increase the level of sin or drink dew, which will restore health.

Black Book Walkthrough – Lyulva Marshes

We leave for the Lyulva swamps, where we notice the ghost of a calf. We can hit him and get coins, but we will have to fight with a small group of devils. Vasilisa can also say a prayer and leave this location.

Black Book Walkthrough – Yanidor

Having reached Yanidor, we greet Evdokia. We offer help and convince the woman that they came with good intentions.

Walkthrough Black Book – Transfiguration Church

We are transferred to the Transfiguration Church. We collect three herbs and go inside.

Black Book Walkthrough – Meeting with Akulina

We try to wake up Akulina and decide to drive out the demon with the help of icons. We observe the appearance of the demon Proshka.

How to defeat Proshka

Black Book Walkthrough – Proshka Crawls Out of Akulina

This demon has a very large health reserve. In addition, he activates a spell, thanks to which you cannot kill him, otherwise the girl will die. We try to carry out all attacks only at this time. Next, Proshka uses a blessing that increases his attack. Do not forget to eat herbs that restore health.

Black Book Walkthrough – We’ll have to adjust to the Mortal Health spell

At this moment, it is necessary to use as many protective spells as possible. When the boss is low on health, he will begin to heal himself. Until the enemy attacks, we try to reduce his health to the minimum, wait for the attacking stage and finish off the enemy. At the end of the battle, Proshka will join Vasilisa.

How to find a name

Walkthrough Black Book – Each task starts from the hut of grandfather Yegor

We return to the hut and decide to go in search of the name of the girl from the bath. We talk with all characters and visitors. We send demons to meaningless deeds and move to the hut of grandfather Yegor. We defeat the demons and go to the Rusal backwater. You can also drop by the peddler to sell and purchase items.

Walkthrough Black Book – Mikhailovskaya Rosstan

We take the grass into the backwater and move to Mikhailovskaya Rosstan. We make offerings to open a new diary entry and restore health. It is not recommended to pick up items so as not to increase the level of sin.

Black Book Walkthrough – Broken Cart

We get to the broken cart and find a bylichka.

Walkthrough Black Book – Talk to Demons

We pass to the bank of Kolba and find two devils. We talk with them and offer to resolve their dispute. We send demons to count the leaves by the tree and continue our way to the old bridge.

Walkthrough Black Book – Defeating the demons at the old bridge

We find two cabbies who have been arguing for a very long time. If we intervene or ask Nikolai for help, we will not receive any awards. Better to attack the devils and open a new card for the deck.

Black Book Walkthrough – Lopatskoe Lake

We move to Lake Lopatskoye and wake up the peasant, from whom the demons are trying to steal a horse.

In the eastern grove we will find two sorcerers. We choose any answer and fight with one or two demons.

Black Book Walkthrough – Old Barns

We reach the old barns and welcome the evil spirits. We go into the house and get experience for a useful conversation. We leave for the cemetery near the village of Retkina. We call out to the peasant and convince him not to dig the grave.

Black Book Walkthrough – Return to Trinity Church

Having reached the Trinity Church, we persuade the priest to give a name to the girl in exchange for a service. We put our trust in a Christian soul and give Nicholas a choice. We follow the field and read the conspiracy. The demon Andreiko will appear and spoil the fields. We choose the option “Sorcerer” and refuse the help of the demon. It is advisable to enter into battle with him and not allow him to do evil further.

How to beat Andreiko

Black Book Walkthrough – The Conspiracy Didn’t Help Drive the Imp

This enemy summons other demons who use poison in their attacks. As soon as a new enemy appears, we try to instantly destroy it. Also, the boss inflicts a triple attack, from which you need to constantly defend. If you can’t beat Andreiko at all, then you can lower the difficulty level and kill him at the simplest level.

How to get a girdle

Black Book Walkthrough – Abachinsky Forest

We go to the Abachinsky forest and bury the deceased.

Black Book Walkthrough – Defeating the Imp on the Flat Log

We head to the Ploska log and find a strange vortex. We throw the knife to save the girl, and we engage in battle with the demons.

Black Book Walkthrough – Destroying the Bolted Line

In the Salman swamps, we will find a devil playing with a snake. We attack him, otherwise the animal will join the battle.

Black Book Walkthrough – Ust-Urolka Village

We follow to the village of Ust-Urolka and offer help to the peasant. We will get some coins as a reward. We follow to the old idol and open a new entry in the encyclopedia. At the road to Pyantag we meet a girl and convince her to throw out the damned spindle. In the grove of Vilisov we find the corpse of a girl. There is no need to disturb the spirit of the deceased, so we just talk about the find in the village.

Black Book Walkthrough – Join the Singing

We move to the village of Pyantag and agree to join in the singing. For this we will open another melody.

Black Book Walkthrough – Doing No Evil

In Zheltovskie settlements we meet a peasant who carries the border. He will ask you to inflict damage, but this should not be done, so as not to increase the level of sin. On the Tashkova cliff, we pick up the grass and follow to the Pryakha hut.

Walkthrough Black Book – Pryakhi Hut from the outside

We take the grass from both sides of the building and talk to grandfather Yegor. We communicate with the skull and answer all the riddles. Choose Cemetery, Funeral, Needle and Thread, Shadow, and Sky and Stars. If you answer all the riddles correctly, the skull will ask you to take it with you. We agree, as there will be no negative consequences.

Black Book Walkthrough – Meet Spinning

We go inside the hut and get acquainted with the Pryakha. We praise her girdle and inform that we will torment our demons. The old woman will like Vasilisa’s answers, so she will give out one of her belts as a reward.

Black Book Walkthrough – A skull appeared in the hut

We return to the hut and take Nikolai’s special task, which will pause the main quest.

Black Book Walkthrough – Pantina Village

In the village of Pantina we go into the hut for Nikolai. We examine the room and drive out the demon. This action will lower Vasilisa’s sin level.

Black Book Walkthrough – Ust-Kaib Village

On the way to Kaib we can buy spells from the scribe, and then we go to the village of Ust-Kaib. We defeat the devils in cards or kill them and we receive several useful herbs as a reward. We move to Buzhd, where we meet with the holy fool.

Walkthrough Black Book – Sloboda Kishkonogova

After a short conversation, we move to the Kishkonogov settlement. We ask the peasants about Nikolai’s friend and go to the Dog Spring. We examine the area and take away the artifact. Vasilisa will have to enter a puzzle battle in which all bonuses will be unavailable.

How to complete the puzzle in the location “Dog Spring”

Black Book Walkthrough – Dog Spring Puzzle Fight

In the first turn, use the card “Fireball” on the central imp, use the “Karkusha” on the right enemy and activate “Blood, light up”. We also attack with the help of the central demon’s assistant. We skip the second move. In the third turn, it is necessary to use “Scorched” on the right imp, activate “Trouble” and attack the left enemy with the “Ore” card.

How to complete the puzzle in the “Crispy Grove” location

Black Book Walkthrough – Crisp Grove Puzzle Fight

We move to the swamps and examine the house. We set off in pursuit and reach the Crispy Grove. In the first turn, activate the “Imperishable Robe”, “Headless” and “Enakha-Bes”. On the second move we use “Karkusha”, “Urazy” and “Herod’s bones”. After the attack of evil spirits, we use the cards “Karkusha”, “Tryasovitsa” and “Ore”, and also attack the enemy with the help of Nikolai. This will end the battle with the enemy.

Black Book Walkthrough – Second Meeting with the Holy Fool

In a conversation with the holy fool, we choose the “changeling” option. We refuse to kill the woman and return to the hut.

Black Book Walkthrough – Watching the Finale of Nikolai’s Story

We accept another visitor and go to get the substitute out of the bath. We examine the hut of the grandfather and the Oryol grove, where we find one grass at a time.

Black Book Walkthrough – Fight in the Rusalye Creek

We pass to the Rusal backwater and examine the traces. We defeat the demons and move to the road to Bonevskaya kushcha.

Black Book Walkthrough – Demons Can Pretend To Be Human

We stop the cab and engage in battle with the demons. After a simple battle, it is not necessary to move to Mikhailovskaya Rosstan, since Vasilisa will not find anything in this location. We follow to the road to Wilgort and we will stumble upon demons. We defeat them in battle or win at them at cards and leave the area.

Walkthrough Black Book – Kulyashov’s Estate

In the Kulyashov estate we will receive several coins. After that we go to the old baths and notice the girl.

Black Book Walkthrough – Walk Through Flames

We examine the tongues of flame and are transferred under the shelves. We move forward and examine the locked door.

Black Book Walkthrough – Correctly Arpologue Mechanisms on the Door

We expose the stove sign on the small mechanism, select the fire on the middle one and install the bath basin on the largest one. The door will open and Vasilisa will join the battle. We defeat two demons and go down below into the lair of the banny. Select the right girl and the middle chest. The demon will refuse to give up the bride, so we enter into battle with him.

How to defeat Obderich

Black Book Walkthrough – Fight with Obderhiya

The enemy often calls for helpers. We use as many offensive spells as possible and prevent the enemy from replenishing health. With a successful set of cards, you can kill the enemy in just a few moves.

Destroy the changeling evil

Black Book Walkthrough – Imp turned out to be a beautiful girl

After the victory, we free the girl and return to the hut. We communicate with all friends and go to battle with the changeling evil.

Walkthrough Black Book – Abachinskaya Grove

We find the baby in the Abachinskaya grove and return him to the village. We also do not touch the offerings.

Black Book Walkthrough – Returning to the Old Church

We rest in the old church and examine it from the inside. We restore Vasilisa’s health and follow to the settlement, where we study the hut and open the entry for the encyclopedia. We move on to the Poroshin baths and sing another song. We return to the Cherdynsky tract and ask for help from Nikolai, who will disperse all the robbers. We get to the cemetery of the village of Zabolotnaya and examine the grave. We defeat the demons and go to the village of Pokcha. We go into the hut and get acquainted with Agafya Filippovna. We throw the baby over our shoulder and engage in a duel with the wooden enemy.

How to defeat a changeling evil

Black Book Walkthrough – Defeating All Evil Spirits In The House

Dealing with this enemy will be quite simple. For this, we use combinations of offensive spells. It is worth considering that the enemy will constantly call upon assistants, so we try to get rid of them as quickly as possible.

Chapter 2. How to get on a visit to the water

Walkthrough Black Book – Return to the hut

After defeating the enemy, Vasilisa will be transferred to a demon with a huge head. He will tell you that the third seal can be opened at the water one. We return to the hut, communicate with all people and creatures and set off towards the plant.

Black Book Walkthrough – Zemskaya Station

We move to the Zemskaya station and examine the surroundings. We take away the grass near the large gate and go inside. We talk with two men and approach the enraged horse. We examine the animal and get acquainted with the neighbor.

Black Book Walkthrough – Calming the Horse

We ask Proshka for help and drive the demon away. We return to the men and go further.

Walkthrough Black Book – Road to Ust-Borovskoe

On the way we meet a peasant. We greet him and cross ourselves. We ask the man about the disappearance of people and follow to the Black Coast.

Black Book Walkthrough – Black Coast

We read the prayer and take the comb. We go to the Kokarinskaya grove and try to follow the whirlwind.

Black Book Walkthrough – Getting Ready for Battle

Having reached the village of Logovo, we communicate with Alexander and inform him that the fiery serpent is to blame for all the tricks. We talk with the girl and the demon, and then go on the attack.

How to defeat a fiery serpent

Black Book Walkthrough – Hut in the Lair Village

This enemy is rather weak, but it constantly imposes various negative effects on Vasilisa. We protect the heroine from powerful enemy attacks, which deal a large amount of damage at one time. We combine powerful words into a conspiracy and defeat the demon without much difficulty.

Black Book Walkthrough – Telegraph Line

We return to the telegraph line and offer help to the benevolent peasant. We follow to the broken wire in the next location and we take away three herbs. We inspect the area and go to the village of Nizhnee Moshevo. We talk with people and return to the men on the telegraph line. In the Gloomy Forest, we buy new words from the scribe and move to the village of Ust-Borovskoye.

Black Book Walkthrough – Simple Battle with the Devils

We listen to the song and fight the demons.

Black Book Walkthrough – Night Meeting with Pakhom

Having reached the plant, we talk to the manager and leave to rest in the room.


Black Book Walkthrough – This time we will not spend the night in our hut

In the morning we receive visitors and go to Pakhom’s office.

Black Book Walkthrough – Ust-Borovsk Plant Office

We learn new information from the man and go to the pumping station. We answer that the tower is used to raise salt and go to the salt chest. We take away the herbs to the right of the men and examine the territory.

Walkthrough Black Book – Varnitsa

We communicate with the peasants and go to the brewhouse. After talking with the salt maker, we immediately follow to the barn. We draw a circle and defeat evil spirits. After the battle, we talk with the spirit and leave it alive to protect the structure. We follow to the baths and communicate with the banniki.

Black Book Walkthrough – Kama Shore

We tell them the truth and go to the bank of the Kama. We come closer to the peasant and buy useful herbs if necessary. We go to the salt chest and inspect the area. We take away the grass and talk to Pakhom. We answer that the mermaid is to blame for all the troubles. We are transferred to the hut and try to talk to the demon. This will not lead to anything, so we banish the creature in the battle.

How to defeat a mermaid

Black Book Walkthrough – Meeting the Mermaid

The girl will constantly summon the dead, who put damage on Vasilisa. We try to concentrate only on the demon and defend ourselves from the powerful attacks of the mermaid. After a few turns, the enemy will be defeated.

Search for water

Black Book Walkthrough – Pine Grove

We return to grandfather Egor and talk with Pakhom. We leave the hut and examine the Verkhniy Onyl. We question the peasants and go to the pine grove. Immediately draw a circle and defeat the devils. In the Upper Chugrum swamp we find a thunder stone.

Walkthrough Black Book – Skeet

We follow to the skete and communicate with the old man. We drink tea with him and agree to help. We go to the hunters’ camp and examine each mark.

Walkthrough Black Book – Labaz

Vasilisa will find traces of the demon, so we follow the trail to the storage shed. We climb into the hut and meet with the demon.

How to defeat the Heretnik

Black Book Walkthrough – Meeting with the Heretic

This enemy has an ethereal effect that completely covers the heroine’s damage. We change the deck and leave damage from attacking spells to damage the enemy and the evil eye to weaken the attack. The set must necessarily contain the “Bes-sorcerer”, with the help of which you can remove the ethereality from the Herenik. Do not forget to use defensive plots before strong enemy attacks. Also, if available, use the “Cleansing Herbs” card, which allows you to attack the boss with each use of herbs. This will allow you to quickly kill the Heretnik and calmly continue your journey further.

Black Book Walkthrough – Another Meeting with a Mermaid

We pass to the Hell’s swamp and inspect the area. Again we meet with the mermaid and enter the battle. Having reached Lake Adova, Vasilisa will find herself in a fishing camp.

Black Book Walkthrough – Fishing Camp

We talk with the peasants and take away the grass to the left of them. We also find another plant to the right of the fishermen’s things and climb into the boat.

In the kingdom of the water

Black Book Walkthrough – Vasilisa Can Breathe Underwater

Vasilisa will find herself on the seabed, where she will once again meet a mermaid. We ask the girl and follow the thickets of algae.

Black Book Walkthrough – Easy Battle with the Devils

We fight with demons and move to the sandy bottom, where we find a useful item – a river shell.

Black Book Walkthrough – River Shell Stats

In the underwater village, we ask Proshka for help and calmly bypass the demons.

Black Book Walkthrough – Underwater Village

We move to the cemetery and fight the devils. Taking offerings is not worth it, so as not to increase the level of sin.

Walkthrough Black Book – Top View of the Circle of Drowned

In the circle of drowned people we communicate with a mermaid and agree to help the girl. We pass to the fishing nets and hail the drowned. We answer that the name of the waterman is Vakul and we go to the drowned sleigh.

Black Book Walkthrough – Be sure to inspect all items in the chest

We take everything from the chest and talk to the mermaid. We show her all the objects and find out that the name of the watercress is Evdokia and she is the daughter of Pakhom.

Black Book Walkthrough – Now the mermaid is ready to help Vasilisa

We transfer to the underwater manhole and stumble upon a huge fish.

How to beat a fish

Black Book Walkthrough – Very Fat Enemy

The enemy has a lot of health, so you have to constantly reduce damage with damage. Don’t forget to defend against boss attacks and combine attack words to deal more damage.

Black Book Walkthrough – Underwater Camp

We rest in the cave after the battle and go to the next location.

Black Book Walkthrough – Underwater Thicket

Without a fight, we call out to the drowned and move to the cave cemetery.

Black Book Walkthrough – Huge Cemetery Territory

We examine the territory and talk to the mermaid, who will take the heroine to the salt cave.

Black Book Walkthrough – Follow the passage to the Salt Cave

We pass inside and go deep into the room.

Black Book Walkthrough – Salt Cave

We throw a coin and take away the mask after the symbols appear on one of the walls of the cave.

Black Book Walkthrough – Pick up the mask at this location

We move to the gates to the palace and convince the drowned to let the girls in.

Walkthrough Black Book – Talking Out the Drowned

We answer “River” and leave in the direction of the throne room.

Black Book Walkthrough – Simple Battle with the Devils

We defeat the demons and follow to the hut. We communicate with the peasant and offer our help, and after that we move to the water chamber.

Walkthrough Black Book – Gatehouse

We take the coins from the treasury and ask the mermaid to call Vakul. In conversation with the spirit, choose the options “Sacrifice” and “Seven”.

Black Book Walkthrough – First Encounter with the Aquatic

At this point, you can avoid the fight with the merman. To do this, you must fulfill his request. We agree, we take away the scales and rise to the surface.

Levontius’s Quest

Black Book Walkthrough – Bolshaya Ochga Village

We return to the hut and talk with Levontius. We agree to help him and hit the road. In the nearest village we come to the aid of a peasant woman and follow to the zherdinnik. We listen to the surrounding sounds and go to the Black Marshes. We whisper a conspiracy and go through a puzzle battle.

How to complete the battle-puzzle in the location “Black Swamps”

During the entire battle, we concentrate attacks only on the right enemy. On the first move, we use the cards “Chur”, “Egoriy Batyushka”, “Hernia” and “Ore”, and also activate the ability of a partner on the same demon. During the second move, we use three “Hernia” cards and one “Ore”. A strong enemy will be defeated, so we use the word “Salmanida” and any remaining offensive spells to finish off the remaining imp.

Black Book Walkthrough – The Devils Can Win at Cards

We follow to the village of Turchanka and defeat the devils. We pass to the village of Bondyugskoye and inspect the village.

Black Book Walkthrough – Bondyuzhinka Mouth

At the mouth of the Bondyuzhinka, we dig a grave and find the sinner’s finger. We move to Levontius’s hut and engage in battle with the treasurer.

How to complete the puzzle battle in the Levontia Hut location

Black Book Walkthrough – Puzzle in Levontius Hut

In the first turn, we activate the partner’s ability and use two cards “Tselkovy” and one word “Golden Treasury”. On the second turn, we use the cards “Avon”, “Yudei” and “Ore”. At the end of the battle, we can release the spirit in order to lower the level of sin or get coins, choosing any of the remaining options.

Black Book Walkthrough – Another Return Home

We return to the hut and go to the side of the tavern. On the way, we can look at the fair, and then we move to Akhmatova’s ravine.

Walkthrough Black Book – Fight with evil spirits

We destroy the undead and move on. In the village of Saltanovo, we do not intervene in the conflict, so as not to increase the level of sin. We talk with the peasant and offer help.

Black Book Walkthrough – Owins

We follow to the barn and talk with demons. We try to outwit them and choose the “Pester” option.

Black Book Walkthrough – Saltanovsky Forest

We move to the Saltanovsky forest and talk to the beekeeper. We ask him about the water one and open a new fiction.

Black Book Walkthrough – Nekrasovo Village

In the village of Nekrasovo we learn from the peasants about the tavern and give all the money to the wife of the drowned man. We follow to Nekrasovskie baths and study a new melody. At the clearing, we examine three points and go to the bank of Saltanovka.

Black Book Walkthrough – Again we meet the accordion player on the bank of Saltanovka

We hail the person and meet the accordion player. We communicate with a man and give the money to the peasants to buy out the drowned man from the water.

Walkthrough Black Book – Battle of the Settlement

At the settlement we meet devils and defeat them.

Walkthrough Black Book – Pub

Having reached the pub, we communicate with the bouncer. We can fight him or play cards, but the easiest way is to approach the second man and talk to him. We open the back door with the key and go inside the hut.

Black Book Walkthrough – Getting Ready for Battle

We examine the room and sit down on the bench. We select “Wait” and use the ointment. The harmonist will be seized by demons, and everything around will be a hassle. Immediately attack Mikolka without talking

How to defeat Mikolka

Black Book Walkthrough – Don’t talk to the demon and immediately attack him

This is one of the easiest bosses in the game. We remove all positive effects from it with the help of the “Imp-Sorcerer” card and attack with all spells. Do not forget to activate the blessing to increase the damage and use the usual tactics in battle.

Proshka’s task

Black Book Walkthrough – Going Through Familiar Locations

Returning to the hut, we communicate with Proshka and agree to help him. On the road to Yanidor we defeat the demons and leave in the direction of the Rosstan. We talk with the cat and answer “Funeral”. We dig out the ground and find a silver plaque.

Black Book Walkthrough – East Bridge

On the eastern bridge we resort to Proshka’s help and go to the Lyulva swamps. On the way, we can use the services of a herbalist.

Walkthrough Black Book – Transfiguration Church

We get to the Transfiguration Church and inspect the area. We collect herbs, talk to the cat and go inside the building. We remove the mask from the statue on the left and climb into the hole, which is hidden behind the wooden boards on the right.

Black Book Walkthrough – Maxi Placement

Inside, we insert a mask into the column and find out about the real origin of Proshka.

Walkthrough Black Book – Real View of Proshka

We return to grandfather Yegor’s hut and hit the road.

Black Book Walkthrough – Altered Cat Form

In the village of Fedorovo we offer our help and move to Gainskoye.

Black Book Walkthrough – Gainskoe

We choose the option “Moving” and again try to help the peasants. At the settlement we talk with the drowned people and go to the smithy.

Black Book Walkthrough – Forge

We discuss the situation with the blacksmith, get a reward and go to the wine shop.

Walkthrough Black Book – Godya

We can buy items from the peasant and go to the gods, where we will automatically lower the level of sin without any action.

Black Book Walkthrough – Watermill

We get to the water mill and talk to Pakhom, who will tell you about what happened earlier. We take two planks, herbs and go to the shore. We talk with the mermaid and go inside the mill.

Walkthrough Black Book – Activating the Mill Mechanism

Together with Pakhom, we start the mill and wait for the arrival of the water mill. We communicate with Vakul and ask to open the seal and free the mermaid. He will ask in return for 100 coins per transaction. We give the money to the waterman, talk to Pakhom and the mermaid and return to the hut.

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