How to convert WhatsApp audios to MP3 format?

There is a very interesting property that very few users know and that consists of converting WhatsApp audios to MP3 format . For this reason, in this tutorial we explain the easiest way to do it on any type of device, be it the PC, an iPhone mobile or an Android cell phone.

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  1. What is the method to convert WhatsApp voice memos to MP3?
    1. On iPhone mobile
    2. With Android cell phone
  2. How to convert WhatsApp audios to MP3 from computer?
  3. How is a WhatsApp voice memo saved on the cell phone?

What is the method to convert WhatsApp voice memos to MP3?

The method to convert WhatsApp voice notes to MP3 is based on the use of a file converter since the application compresses the audios in the .opus extension. Either from your PC or mobile device, you will need a conversion tool before sharing audio on any device or using voice memos for other purposes.

On iPhone mobile

On the iPhone mobile, you can convert WhatsApp audios to MP3 format by downloading the files in the first instance. To do this, you must select the audio you want to save and hold it down until the options are displayed. Then press ‘Share’ and select ‘Save to files’.

In some cases when the option ‘Save in files’ does not appear, you can choose to select the button ‘Edit actions’ and in ‘Other actions’ activate the option that interests us. Then, locate the audio you want to store in a folder (local drive or removable drive) and hit the ‘Save’ button.

Once you perform the above action, your audio will be stored in the .M4A format. For this reason, you will need to convert it to the .MP3 format. To achieve this, download the application ‘The Audio Converter’ from the App Store and proceed to access this tool once the installation is complete.

Choose the file that you previously saved with the .M4A format and select the ‘.MP3 MP3 Audio’ format and wait a few seconds while the tool performs the conversion process. At the end of the task, you will be able to see the file with an .MP3 extension and convert other files by repeating the same steps.

With Android cell phone

You can also convert WhatsApp audios to MP3 format with your Android phone. To do this, you must download the ‘ Opus to MP3 Converter ‘ tool, an App available from the Google application store or ‘Google Play Store’. Once it is installed on your cell phone, provide the permissions to the application and enter it.

Press the ‘Select OPUS file’ button on the application interface and choose the file explorer . Then, find the ‘WhatsApp’ path, go to the ‘Media’ folder and press ‘WhatsApp Audio’ or ‘WhatsApp Voice Note’ to choose a voice note. Select the audio file based on the shipping date and the order of appearance.

Once you mark the file of your choice, press ‘OK’ and the ‘Convert to MP3’ button, not without first indicating the path where the file will be saved after the conversion. When this process is finished, you will be able to access the audio in MP3 format and open it in a player or share it with other contacts through different applications.

How to convert WhatsApp audios to MP3 from computer?

Also, you can convert WhatsApp audios to MP3 from computer. To achieve this, you must copy the audio file on your PC which was downloaded in the WhatsApp application. Connect the mobile device to your computer, access the local drive of your cell phone from the PC and locate the ‘WhatsApp’ folder. Click on ‘Media’ and ‘WhatsApp Audio’.

Then find the audio file you want to convert , right click on it and press ‘Copy’. Go to the desktop of your PC and press the right mouse button to ‘Paste’. Go to the ‘Convertio’ website and click ‘Select files’. Choose OPUS and MP3 format. Finally, press ‘Convert’ and put the audio in videos from other applications or share it with other contacts.

How is a WhatsApp voice memo saved on the cell phone?

Surely you have wondered how a WhatsApp voice note is saved on the cell phone. In this regard, it is important to know that all the voice notes that you send and receive are saved in the internal memory of the cell phone or on the microSD card according to the storage configuration for this messaging App.

To find a voice memo you must enter the ‘Internal storage’. Then, locate the ‘WhatsApp’ folder by following the path of the ‘Android’, ‘Media’ and ‘com.whatsApp’ folders. Then press ‘Media’ and ‘WhatsApp Voice Notes’. In this way, you will know where the voice notes are saved, which are organized by dates and in files with the extension .opus.

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