How does a battle work in Axie Infinity?

If you want to get a game to entertain yourself on your computer or Android Axie infinity will be the best option, you only have to have storage space available to purchase it, it is an application where you can entertain yourself with the different battles that it will provide you or trying to raise a pet, giving you the opportunity to collect them.

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  1. What are the main stats in Axie Infinity?
  2. How to use your Axie’s cards in battle?
  3. What types of Axie are best for each battle?
  4. What are the best combos in Axie Infinity to deal more damage?
    1. Card damage bonuses against an Axie
    2. How to combine the cards

What are the main stats in Axie Infinity?

Axie Infinity is a very fun game application, it has a variety of things to entertain you, you just have to have a well-functioning computer for games so that you can be the best at it, then we will tell you what the main statistics of the game are.

  • Health:It is the life that you will have in your combats or any part of the play in Axie. It will have a limit, when you arrive you can die .
  • Moral:It is a way to attack a lot, it will help you enter battles and add more bars to your play .
  • Ability: It willincrease damage towards some Axie if it has cards.
  • Speed:This will be the order of your turn, it will help you to be attacked critically, since you will attack before.

How to use your Axie’s cards in battle?

It should be noted that each axie has several body parts , but it is the mouths, horns, backs and tails that define which cards it can use in combat.

The combat mechanics are in turns, and your objective is to eliminate the three enemy axies , in each turn you will have to think about which cards you will use, so having a strategy is vital to be able to win.

To fight, you must take into account the advantages of each axie, an axie has four abilities of the parts of its body, of which each one will give you two cards for your deck of cards, each team will have three axies, in the deck you must have at least 24 cards and you can add item cards to have a certain advantage. Every time you use a card, it will be discarded from the deck so think carefully about how you are going to use them.

At the beginning of the battle you will be able to choose 6 cards to fight and you will have 3 energy to use them , in each turn 3 cards and two energy will be added to you. You can only have a maximum of nine cards in your hand, you will also have 60 seconds to think and use the cards, once both players are ready the battle will begin.

Remember that you can make your attacks more effective in each round with a combo, this happens when an axie uses two cards in a single round. You can also use a chain effect, these happen when several axies use cards of the same class, when this effect happens, the axies that created the chain will get a little shield.

What types of Axie are best for each battle?

In this game there are different classes or types of Axie that we can buy in the Market place , so far there are a total of 9 classes that are : Aquatic, Beast, Bird, Bug, Dawn, Dusk, Mech, Plant, Reptile. Three of these are special types which are undoubtedly considered the most powerful when fighting, which are the Dawn, the Dusk and the Mech, they no longer have their own parts.

Between each class there is a certain advantage or disadvantage when facing the other classes, therefore, it is best to think very well that Axie sends to the battlefield, as long as an Axie has the class advantage it will cause 15% more of damage to your enemy.

To form your team you will need to think about the strategy and your own way of playing , remember that each type has its own characteristics and advantages, an example would be the Plant types, these are very good tanks so you can use them to receive most enemy attacks.

If you are a beginner, it is best to start with three different types of axie, the best thing is that in your team there is a tank, an axie with utility and one that generates a large amount of damage.

The first must be a resistant Axie such as a Plant type, this one to be the team’s tank, since they have a lot of life and can use a good amount of shield and heal. The second must be a useful one, this can be Beast type, these will be in charge of producing enough energy and in turn destroying that of the enemy.

Finally, one that generates a lot of damage, such as the bird or aquatic, since these must be the ones that produce all the possible damage to the rival team.

What are the best combos in Axie Infinity to deal more damage?

Axie Infinity is similar to other games like Plants vs Undead , since both the more damage you do, the better you will get out in the game, that is why when using your plays you use combos, these are some that can help you:

Card damage bonuses against an Axie

If you want to cause damage to your enemies you can use strategies to do so, these are the most recommended combos to obtain card bonuses against an Axie:

  • Disguise + Vegetal bites: It will give you energy from your opponents and cause damage to them, since the two serve almost the same function and one will give strength to the other.
  • Sticki Goo + Carrot Hammer: These cards together will give you bonuses for damage, together they will survive any attack they give you, it serves to gain more energy. This combo can make you win.

How to combine the cards

If you want to be the best playing on this platform, these are the best ways to combine your Axies to achieve a fatal blow, they are the following:

  • Star shuriken + Fish Hook: It is one of the best combos for your defense, it gives a blow that can be deadly. These attached Cards will hit a high altitude hit.
  • Nut crack + nut Throw: They are cards that together bring life and a big blow.
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