How To Put WhatsApp Audios In A CapCut Video

To place a WhatsApp audio in CapCut videos, you only need to obtain the audio from the files on your phone and add it to the video, but first it is necessary to convert it into MP3 format, since the application does not support other types of audio format. So don’t waste time trying to place sounds with formats other than the one mentioned.

The CapCut app brings in its editing panel, the function of adding any music you have in your library, including WhatsApp audios. The only detail is that it is only available for Android and iOS, which is inconvenient for those with other types of equipment. Try installing an Android emulator for PC , so you don’t miss the opportunity to add WhatsApp audio to CapCut videos.

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  1. What should be done to make WhatsApp audios compatible with CapCut?
    1. Converting audio to MP3
    2. Changing the name
  2. How to modify the sound of a WhatsApp audio?
  3. How to make a video with drawings on top of a WhatsApp audio in CapCut?
  4. What to do to add a lot of WhatsApp audios in a CapCut video?

What should be done to make WhatsApp audios compatible with CapCut?

WhatsApp audios have a very different format from the common one, the so-called ‘Opus’ format, which is a type of audio file with more compression than an MP3 one. That is why WhatsApp notes weigh much less. Therefore, the Opus audio must be transformed to MP3, so that there are no conflicts when making the CapCut video.

The way to do it is through the use of programs or Apps, and also by changing the name of the audio to distinguish it from the rest, as there are many, and the name is similar. In general, it could take up to 2 hours trying to find it without success. There are also pages that can change the format, it all depends on what you prefer.

Converting audio to MP3

First you must convert the audio ‘Opus’ from WhatsApp to MP3, for this it is advisable to use file converters, the most used is Conversio, with it you can change audio formats. Now it is the turn to add the sound, if you do not know the storage site for audios received from WhatsApp , inquire to find them. On the page click on ‘Select files’ and then convert it to MP3.

Changing the name

To change the name of a WhatsApp audio, access the application on your phone called ‘My files’ or ‘Files’, it depends on the device you are doing it on. Once there, look for the folder under the name ‘Android’. Click on the ‘WhatsApp’ folder, followed by ‘Media’. Enter the WhatsApp audio folder, you will find two of them, in which the sent and received audios will be .

Locate the one of your preference and keep your finger pressed on it, in the upper right part of the screen there are three points vertically, select them and choose ‘Rename’. A white window will open, enter the name you want and then click on ‘Rename’ and that’s it.

How to modify the sound of a WhatsApp audio?

You can use MP3 converter apps like ‘Audio converter’, but if you don’t want to take up resources on your mobile and you also have little storage space on Android , free it up to search for the audio. Conversio does not take up space because it is an online service, with the option to choose ‘My files’, shorten the process using the search engine, in it you will write the new name of the audio, click on it when you find it.

Then you will be redirected to the page, in the box that is right next to the letter ‘a’ select the MP3 option . Then locate and press the big button that says ‘Convert’, wait a few seconds and click on ‘download’, to confirm open the file and listen to it.

How to make a video with drawings on top of a WhatsApp audio in CapCut?

Enter the CapCut App, select ‘New project’, choose the desired image or video, then select ‘Add’. With the editing panel modify the video or the image to your liking, this can be done with the pencil or text function.

Once you finish the drawings, add the audio in the option ‘Add audio – sound’, write the name of the audio that you changed in the previous step and click on ‘+’. Then, press on the audio track to edit or modify it as you prefer, finally, press on the arrow at the top of the screen and click on export, so that it is saved in the gallery.

What to do to add a lot of WhatsApp audios in a CapCut video?

To add a lot of audios in CapCut, the process is similar to the above. Open the App in question, after you have selected the image or video in ‘New project’. Again, in the option ‘Add audio – sound’, in the magnifying glass write the name of the audio and click on ‘+’, repeat the process as many times as necessary, until you finish adding all the audios that you consider necessary. If, in addition to adding several audios, you decide to place two videos in CapCut in a single project, you can do so, as there is no impediment with the App.


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