How to convert Excel documents into JPG files?

In case you did not know, you can somehow convert your Excel files into image files such as JPG files in the same way as a word document.  These JPG files will be showing you in a more detailed way what you have just done in Excel in image format, with this you can present what you are doing in a more visual and clean way.

Convert a Word document to JPG without installing programs to protect your documents. In this article, we will be more focused on the Excel part, so that you are not seeing all the cells that appear there and you can present something with more details.

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  1. How to make an Excel save as image?
    1. with spreadsheets
    2. cropping tools
  2. What is the way to use the camera to convert an Excel to image?
  3. What to do so that an Excel is an image online?
  4. How to change the properties of an Excel file to JPG?

How to make an Excel save as image?

In order to be able to convert an Excel file into an image , you do not need any type of downloadable program, since you already have all this on your own computer, the only thing you will need is a little patience, since it is a somewhat tedious process, but effective. You can also use it with the help of pages that make this possible.

with spreadsheets

The first way to make this possible is to use the spreadsheets that you have in Excel and that you are using. To do this, you only have to select the data you need and that is on the sheet.  Whether you have modified the colors of the active cell in Excel , select it and copy it and then paste it in ‘Paint’ that this will also be in the image that you will save

On this blank sheet that you have in ‘Paint’, you can adjust the size so that only what you just copied is visible. After having made your adjustments, go to the menu that is next to the ‘start’ option, in the displayed menu you will go to ‘Save as’ and you will see that you have the option to save the file as JPG format, click and it will be saved

cropping tools

Another way to save this file as a JPG file is to save them using cropping tools that the Windows system itself will be providing us.

For this, you can make use of the Windows ‘Snip’ tool , this will be located at the start of Windows, you can type ‘Snip’ and use this tool to take a screenshot of what you are doing in Excel with more precision

  • This tool will be changing the course by an arrow that you can use for cropping
  • Use the mouse to hold the click and move the mouse to take a more precise capture
  • Then, the cut you made will be displayed and you will hit ‘Save’ to save it. Make sure the format is JPG.

What is the way to use the camera to convert an Excel to image?

One of the ways to make Excel an image file is by using the camera that the Windows computer brings, this will be taking a  screenshot from a Mac  or another computer in the Excel sheet and you can paste that image and save it as a file of image.

You can use the ‘Alt + Print Screen’ key command, in this way, a photo will be taken, you will only have to put that capture in Paint and save it as we explained before.

What to do so that an Excel is an image online?

However, better ways have now been created to make an Excel file become an Image File and it is by using an Online converter that makes this possible.

With the help of the Convert XLSX to JPG converter we will be able to do it very easily, we will only have to enter the page and click on the ‘Select the files’ option  and then click convert, after a few minutes it will be ready, download and enjoy of the result.

How to change the properties of an Excel file to JPG?

In addition to using online converters, we can change the properties of the Excel file, this with the steps explained above, since we are changing the way we save the . When converting an Excel file to an image file, it can no longer be altered, since it is no longer an editable file but an immovable one.

Within the Save options, there are many possibilities, this to see which one best suits us when changing its properties, we can save these files as a PDF extension , it is also valid to later transform them into images. We can convert them into Web Page files and view them in a very different way than usual.


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