How to contact Facebook and have a fake profile removed

The security and privacy of each user within the Internet is extremely important for each one, since if you do not pay the necessary attention, you can find yourself with stolen personal data. Since there are thousands of people browsing the internet at once, one can expect that not all people have the best of intentions towards others.

In general, when you think of information theft, you can come to think of hackers or spybots that can take over all kinds of information that lies on our computer or our social networks. But, in reality, the people who can steal that information may be those closest to us, such as friends, family and acquaintances.

Many people can do all kinds of activities with the information that is on our computers and our social networks that we use every day , but probably what we will see the most stolen on the internet is identity.

Our identity on the internet can become somewhat fragile, because it is based on our name and photos that are on the internet. This makes being able to steal someone else’s identity and impersonate that person very simple.

Since you only have to take some photos of that person that is in Google or in their social networks, put the name of them or another name, and basically you borrow the face of that person.

For many, this is considered a serious crime , and within many pages and platforms it is seen as a serious breach of the terms and conditions of use, so we can often see people who are restricted from them, as is the case with Facebook and other social networks.

Fake profiles on Facebook

Inside Facebook we usually put a lot of our own information keeping the public profile activated, which can often be sensitive, so that everyone can see it without much problem. Often times, this information can be something simple like photos from our last trip, down to our personal phone number , date of birth, and location of our workplace.

Given this, it is always a good idea to activate the option to make all this information private, because many people can do all kinds of not very benign actions towards us. Above all, it is important to put the photos you have on your Facebook in privacy to avoid future problems with strangers.

However, it is not necessary to have all this information to impersonate a person, since just by entering a public profile or having access to photographs and basic information of the person, you can make a false profile within Facebook. Luckily, Facebook can take care of that if you report the account as a fake profile as soon as you find it.

Deleting a fake profile

The fake profiles on Facebook, are those profiles where they take all the information and pictures of someone else to impersonate her. When this happens, and that person talks to someone for love reasons, blackmail or other, it is known as catfishing. This is against Facebook’s terms of use and is punishable by the page itself.

In order to report and eliminate a false profile from these, you just have to enter the person’s profile and click on the button with the three dots that is on the front page. Now, the option to ” Find help or report profile ” will appear, so click on it.

Now, you will see several instructions on the screen that you have to follow in order to successfully report that harmful fake profile . You should keep in mind that it is recommended that people who know the original person or you, go and report the fake profile so that Facebook can take higher priority in the case of the fake account.


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