How to know if a Bumble profile is fake?

How to know if a Bumble profile is fake?Right now, meeting people through apps has become even more common than other ways, let’s say, it is much more socially accepted than a few years ago, where mistrust and ignorance reigned.

Bumble is one of the most recent applications on the market, which has the premise of connecting people for different types of relationships, friendly, professional or romantic, all in one place. But how to identify a false profile? One of the biggest questions that we help you answer today.

How to know if a Bumble profile is fake?

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  1. What steps to follow to know if a profile is fake on Bumble?
    1. Profile has poor quality photos
    2. The biography is poorly written
    3. There is no consistency in your answers
  2. How to avoid a fake profile on Bumble?
    1. Ask the user to verify
    2. Make a video call
    3. meet in a public place

What steps to follow to know if a profile is fake on Bumble?;How to know if a Bumble profile is fake?

With the appearance and popularity of dating apps, thousands of people venture to find their ideal partner on these platforms, the result is that there are both success stories and failures. Within Bumble, there are three subcategories Bumble Date (romantic dating), Bumble BFF (friendship), and Bumble Bizz (professional hookups).

Having this peculiar structure and the concept of female empowerment as a flag, it has undoubtedly generated a high degree of curiosity among the population, adding more than 4 million users. It works as these apps usually do, with slide to the right or left, if you are interested or not in the user, respectively, and you can even Super Swipe on another person’s profile  if you like it too much.

But as in any social network there are precautions that you must take, the most important being to take maximum care of your personal information , since you really have no security of who is behind the other screen. Unfortunately, these types of platforms are places where tricksters, scammers, and other types of persona non grata proliferate.

Profile has poor quality photos

If you’ve already decided to join bumble , you’ve probably gotten a few matches, but before you get your hopes up too quickly, make sure you talk to who they say they are. To do this, you must pay close attention to the small details of your profile, for example, the quality of your photos.

It is not strange that more than one cheater tries to obtain photos from the internet, usurping the identity of someone else , or posting generic photographs that have nothing to do with him. In any case, the sharpness of their photographs says a lot about the authenticity of the user, if you have suspicions, do not hesitate to launch the image in the Google search engine to verify other matches.

The biography is poorly written

It goes without saying that all users must be of legal age, so you should not find too many spelling errors or extremely little information, the ideal is that the person gives a brief description of who he is , in order to generate trust in others. If you notice inconsistencies in his words, it is better that you immediately block him.

There is no consistency in your answers

Assuming that it is someone who has good photographs and biography, of course you take the next step, which is the match and start a conversation. The important thing here is also to watch his answers, if he answers the same question on two different occasions, in a different way when he shouldn’t, you can already deduce that he is not sincere or that he is hiding something.

Remember that it is very common in dating apps to find bots, the way you can cheat their system is by sending an incoherent message like “cjoewhdbscacsd”, because if it is some artificial intelligence behind the profile, it will respond completely normal.

How to avoid a fake profile on Bumble?

There really isn’t a magic formula that detects at first sight if a profile is false or not, because every day these profiles are polishing their tricks to go unnoticed as an ordinary user, behind it, hiding dark intentions.

But despite this, you can’t help but do exhaustive verification on your own , we have already given you some basics to review, to which you must add knowing what mutual friends I have with someone from Bumble , so that you can even ask references from him or her, prior to any actual dating.

Ask the user to verify

It may be the case that some aspects do not generate certainty about the authenticity of the profile and you choose to match again on Bumble , whether you are at this point or you feel totally confident about the person with whom you chat, do not hesitate to request your verification, in case you do not have it.

This is one of the tools that Bumble offers you, to verify that that person is real and you can access that request only if you are also verified. In the event that your match does not respond to the request within a maximum of 24 hours, the conversation will automatically be interrupted by the app.

Make a video call

Another excellent option that you have, to avoid being a victim of catfishing, is to start a video call, within the same app you will find the button with the icon of a video camera. If your match has nothing to hide, gladly agree to do it, this way they have the opportunity to get to know each other much better and clear up any suspicion.

meet in a public place

Assuming the user you’ve been chatting with for some time has gone through all of your security filters and there’s a genuine interest in meeting in person, proceed with caution. The ideal is that you schedule nothing more than a quick meeting, for the first time, in a public and crowded space , always tell someone you trust where it will be and the time, even if possible go accompanied. Remember that nothing worthwhile needs to be rushed.

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