How to clear or remove the underline from email addresses in Word

An email is a service on the network through which any user can send different files as well as receive electronic messages through servers; its use improves as you master its functions. You may be interested in knowing how to delete or remove the underline from email addresses in Word, then we will explain everything about it.

How to clear or remove the underline from email addresses in Word?

When we make a document in Microsoft Word and send it as an email attachment, both phone numbers and email addresses are automatically underlined .

This occurs because Word files usually create associated hyperlinks ; However, we have good news, there are solutions to disable these features, such as removing the underline from email addresses automatically.

How to remove the underline from email addresses automatically

Some think that they must remove the hyperlinks or underlines from the emails manually, one by one, this would consume a lot of time; but one of the functions of email servers is to be able to permanently delete this function.

Just pay attention to the following steps, we will tell you all the details to automatically delete this function in Word.

This arrangement creates the clickable links to open your management application configured by default to write a message. However, as we already mentioned, there are several ways to remove the underline from email addresses. Next, we will teach you three methods to remove the underline from email addresses, and thus achieve it with any document in Word.

First method

In the first methodology, open the document where the email address is located, then click on it. Now look for the option in the window that opens: Remove hyperlink .

Second method

In this second method, you must also open the document where the email address is located, then a left click on it, you drag it to the end of it; now press the keys “Ctrl + S” twice when your Microsoft Office is in Spanish, or “Ctrl + U” in English, in order to remove the underline.

Now this method will still leave the hyperlink; so if you want to permanently remove it along with the underline from the Word file , you should also perform the first procedure .

Third method

Just go to the Word Options option , you do this by entering Microsoft Office. Now click on Test, then click on AutoCorrect Options.

Once there, delete or remove the option Internet access and networks with hyperlinks , which you will find in the AutoFormat tab while you write, as well as in the AutoFormat section. Now, close Word Options, to do this click Ok.

Companies that currently provide email services

An email, also called an email address , is made up of several characters. It usually begins with the name of the user or a web page, followed by the @ symbol (at), then the host server, and ends with the web domain. We will see it more clearly through the following example: [email protected] Gmail is the host server that provides the service.

There are several companies on the market that provide email services, according to the data mentioned by Google, Gmail is well known and has a significant number of users. But it is not the only one that provides this type of service, there are other alternatives for the same function, among them we have: Yahoo Mail, Cloud, Hushmail, ZohoMail, ProtonMail and Outlook. All of these companies will allow you to remove features like underlining from Word files.

Although emails are automatically highlighted with the underline, as you could see in this post, those users who do not like these functions visually, will be able to automatically remove the underline from email addresses without major inconvenience.


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