Before us is a Chinese-made Megafon MR100 2 device, characterized by high productivity and energy efficiency. Using this pocket router, users can actively use the Internet throughout the day. Let’s take a closer look at how to properly configure the router.

Excellent pocket router with great functionality


  • 99 grams;
  • built-in battery, 2100 mAh;
  • 150 Mbps;
  • it takes 2 hours to recharge;
  • support for 4G, 3G, 2G standards;
  • 5 hours autonomously;
  • Li-Ion battery;
  • 16 hours with occasional surfing;
  • microUSB, USB connectors.

The kit includes a SIM card, the device itself and instructions.


The first step in setting up Megafon MR100 2 is connecting a SIM card. Insert the card into the slot designed on the router case. Now charge the battery or connect the equipment to the mains.

All configuration manipulations are performed in a user-friendly interface . It’s easy to get into it, enter or in your browser. Everything will function right away, you do not need to enter any passwords.

Interface and customization

Once in the interface of the Megafon MR100 2 device, you will see three main tabs that will help you correctly configure the device: messages, settings, status. In the “Messages” section, using USSD requests, you can manage additional services. In addition, users view service messages here.

The “Settings” panel is needed to rename the device, change the limits for connections without and with a password, enable / disable password access, select a specific network mode .

As for the “Status” section, it will help you to find out in which mode the device is currently operating, how quickly packets are sent and received, what IP address you are using. Also in the status there will be data on the balance of funds on the account and the session time.

The interface has a fourth tab by default, but the average user will not see it. The Advanced tab for the MR100 2 is located at Here you can change the DHCP range, enable or disable DMZ, and also register port translation.

The manufacturer has provided for the possibility of two versions of the interface: Russian and English.

Wi-Fi setup

For MR100 2, Wi-Fi is configured on first login. You will have to come up with a name for Wi-Fi and set security features . The device only supports WPA2-PSK AES encryption and open networks. There is a switch on the case, using which you can select the modes: “Public access” or “Normal”. In the first case, the equipment creates, in addition to your network, another open network called MegaFon Free; in the second case, you can only see your own secure or open network. Distribution can be configured for ten users over two networks.

Other settings

In addition to the wireless network, the interface allows you to configure other parameters. It:

  • Indicator operation mode;
  • network type;
  • roaming;
  • setting ALG, APN for different types of connection.


What is the purpose of unlocking Megafon MR100 2? The device is supplied by Megafon, and it is impossible to insert another card into it without additional manipulations . On various forums today the option of using special unlock codes is being discussed, which make it possible to unlock the device. After entering the NCK code, the router works with different cards.

Unfortunately, such firmware keys are sold for money today. Searching the Internet for ALL UNLOCK codes, you can solve the problem. Firmware MR100 in 2 free ways is extremely difficult and leads to negative results.


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