How to complete the Grass Is Always Greener challenge in Destiny 2

The Master difficulty for King’s Fall Raid was released in Destiny 2, and along with it came the encounter challenges. These encounter challenges operate on a week-by-week basis, starting with the first one during the Totems encounter, “The Grass Is Always Greener.” Arguably this particular challenge will give players the most trouble as it is very demanding and has little to no room for failure. So today, it is important to discuss how to complete The Grass is Always Greener challenge in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 King’s Fall Raid: The Grass Is Always Greener (Totems) Challenge Guide.

To complete the The Grass Is Always Greener challenge, players cannot get the Weaver’s Mark or Unraveler’s Mark twice in a row. This means that instead of typically staying on one side during the fight, they will have to constantly switch from left to right to ensure they don’t collect the same mark twice. It’s simple enough after a few practice runs to allow players to slow down their pace and rotations.

However, for those looking to complete this on Master difficulty to gain progress on the Raid Seal, it’s a very different story. In Master mode, enemies now have a power level of 1600, which is a significant jump compared to the normal difficulty of 1560 power. On top of that, there are now three Unstoppable Ogres that appear repeatedly throughout the fight. These changes require incredibly tight coordination, as even a single kill could cause the rest of the team to wipe out.

The recommendation for Master difficulty would be to use exotic weapons like Gjallarhorn and Xenophage as they deal excellent burst damage. Explosion damage will be significant throughout the fight, so players can quickly deal with constant waves of enemies and Unstoppable Ogres. Titans and Warlocks will be the best classes to use here, as their healing and resistance abilities will be essential in helping players survive the onslaught. As long as the team can maintain their coordination and effectively deal with the unstoppable Ogres, the only challenge left is making sure no one takes the same mark twice.

To finish, let’s analyze it once more in a simpler format:

  • Do not collect the same mark twice. Switch back and forth from left to right to ensure this.
  • Three Unstoppable Ogres will spawn at 30%, 60%, and 90% completion. Use explosive damage weapons to kill them as soon as possible.
  • Use healing and resistance skills as much as possible to ensure survival. A death could cause a wipe and you will have to restart.
  • Continue the back-and-forth shenanigans until the Warpriest deems you worthy.

Kingmaster’s Fall Rewards

The Master difficulty for King’s Fall grants two different types of rewards for players to seek out. The first is the high stat rolling armor pieces upon completion of each encounter throughout the raid. However, the stat that the armor focuses on changes weekly. For example, this current week has recovery-focused armor as a reward, meaning players can expect to see high-stat recovery-focused armor as part of its reward.

The second type of reward is the introduction of Adept weapons for King’s Fall called Harrowed Weapons. These particular weapons will drop only by completing the weekly encounter challenge on Master difficulty. For example, if a player completes the Totems challenge, as mentioned above, they will be guaranteed a haunted weapon as part of their reward. However, a random haunted weapon will drop, meaning there’s no indication of which weapon they’ll get. However, if you get the Doom Harrowed from Chelchis as your loot, say next week, after completing the Warpriest challenge, you’ll be guaranteed any of the other Harrowed weapons. This continues until they are all finally collected.

How to get the King’s Fall Raid title in Destiny 2

Kingslayer is the newest title to be released in the game for a raid. Players will have to do numerous challenges throughout the raid to claim this legendary title. For example, completing all encounter challenges like the one mentioned above in Master mode. Each challenge is spread out on a weekly basis, meaning players must wait four more weeks to complete the final challenge and claim the title.

That’s all you need to know about how to complete The Grass is Always Greener challenge in Destiny 2. For more related information and other Destiny 2 news, including regular updates on what’s coming up in the universe, check out our related articles on Destiny 2. continuation.


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