How to complete the “Escape from Tretyakov” challenge in Snowrunner

Escape from Tretyakov” is a test that will test the precision driving and route planning skills of players of the Snowrunner off-road cargo delivery simulator. This is an atypical challenge, accessible from the main menu of the game. It does not affect the overall progress of completing any region, but it adds interesting variety to the gameplay, especially for those who find the usual Snowrunner too simple.

How to complete the “Escape from Tretyakov” challenge in Snowrunner

Scenario Description

The area represents the abandoned and destroyed post-Soviet village of Tretyakov. There are boxes scattered all around, rebar sticking out, there are hardly any roads in these places.

How to complete the "Escape from Tretyakov" challenge in Snowrunner

The player gets the TUZ 420 “Tatarin” – this is an impersonal game version of a real car – GAZ-59037A, which in turn is a civilian version of the BTR-80. The task is to drive through six given points in a set time, the player is given only 6 minutes. This is the fastest challenge in a series of four that must be completed to earn unique figures for the hood of the game’s trucks. The challenge itself is not that difficult, but completing it within the allotted time can be difficult. I managed to complete it on the third try, I’ll share a few tips if you also want to get figures on the hood.

Tips for passing

It takes a few seconds from starting the Tatar engine to leaving the place, so the engine should be started in advance either with the start button or the forward button. The timer will start automatically once you start moving. It is also recommended to remove the handbrake in advance.

Turn off dive mode. Snowrunner is much more enjoyable to play in immersive mode with the interface disabled. But in this test it is very important to monitor the timer to understand how much time is left, whether you need to push it or you can relax. I advise you to disable immersion mode in the game settings for the duration of this test.

Don’t rush your first try . If you know in advance that the first pancake will come out lumpy, you can use this opportunity to study the area. Even after the timer ends, the player and “Tatar” remain on the map – this is an excellent chance to explore all potential routes.

Moreover, the test does not prohibit the use of the map , so you can right-click markers in advance in the places that you need to visit according to the scenario. Inspect the points before you start moving, try to mentally plot the route and find any traffic jams along the way.

It’s okay if the second pancake also comes out lumpy, you can use any number of attempts to complete the route, even if the timer runs out.

Use cuttings . Even on such a small map there are excellent detour routes, for example, the path from the “Village” to the “Railway Station” can be made about half as long if you drive along the rocks.

It is not necessary to go through all the points in a strictly defined order. You can visit the “Church” first, and then stop by the “Village”, or skip the “Service Buildings” and stop by this place on the way to the “Railway Station”.

Also note that the direct free road from the “Railway Station” to the “Khutor” is blocked by a landslide, so it’s worth thinking about a detour.

Brief information on GAZ-59037A

Brief information on GAZ-59037A

The all-terrain vehicle appeared in the 90s as a converted BTR-80 for civilian use. The equipment is aimed at everyone who requires increased cross-country ability: geologists, oil producers, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, hunters and fishermen. The all-terrain vehicle was deprived of all military instruments and everything related to the army, but it acquired a large and wide “cabin”. Additional windows were installed in the front of the car, seats were added in the rear, and the driving characteristics remained unchanged.

Bottom line

You can complete “Escape from Tretyakov” in just a few attempts, if you correctly calculate your strength and route, use an infinite number of repeated attempts and use the map. If you want to open hood figures, then this challenge will be a great first step on your way.

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