How to complete the Goblin Camp in Baldur’s Gate 3

All ways to get to the Goblin Camp and the Broken Sanctuary, as well as solving the puzzle in the Fel Temple

The goblin camp in Baldur’s Gate 3 is a huge stronghold full of goblins led by Mintara, Priestess Guth, and Ragzlin. You’ll also find Halsin the Druid, Volo, treasure, the entrance to the Underdark, and more. You can sneak inside if you pass a social skill check during the conversation, bypass the camp via the outer route, or fight your way through. All these methods differ significantly from each other, but in this material we will talk about each method separately.

How to get to the goblin camp

The goblin camp in Baldur’s Gate 3 and the Shattered Sanctuary located on its territory, which is controlled by the cult of the Absolute, can be accessed in three main ways:

  • Convince the goblin guards to let you in.
  • Use stealth to get to the broken wall and crawl through it.
  • Break through with a fight.

I specifically listed these methods in order of increasing complexity. If you can pass the social check, perhaps spend less supplies, effort and time, this is the safest way to get into the goblin camp. In this case, you will be able to freely move around the goblin camp, explore its nooks and crannies, trade, none of these small green freaks will attack you.

However, your party may lack a high-charisma character on which social skill checks (persuasion, deception, intimidation, and execution) are based. Perhaps you’re playing the role of a character who doesn’t care about diplomacy, so you’re interested in other alternatives. In any case, we will consider each option.

How to convince the goblins to let you into the camp?

The best option for completing the task is to chat with the guards at the entrance to the goblin camp, after which you can easily interact with each character, merchant and get more privileges when exploring this place. And at any time, nothing will prevent you from attacking goblins or using stealth. To get inside through diplomacy, do the following:

  1. Approach the camp from the side of the main entrance, across the bridge behind the Forsaken Village, without activating stealth and without attacking anyone.
  2. Approach a small outpost where there are several goblins. One of them will look after a worg named Clow.
  3. The dialogue will start automatically. Convince the goblin to let you in; the easiest way is to read the goblin’s mind and then tell him that you are the messenger of Mintara.
  4. After that, you will gain access to the goblin camp, but not to the Shattered Sanctuary.
  5. To get to the Shattered Sanctuary, go through the large oak door next to the Gurgon Guard ogre.
  6. There will be another goblin inside, and you can get past him if you successfully complete a check with any charisma skill right in the dialogue: choose the option that matches the list of skills of the character conducting the dialogue.

Successfully completing the check will grant you access to both the Shattered Shrine and the outlying area, the goblin camp, although there will be some restrictions. There are several rooms and areas that you won’t be allowed into, such as Priestess Gut’s private quarters or the treasury behind Ragzlin. However, the vast majority of the camp is open to exploration, and you can try to save Volo, Brian, or the bear if you’ve reached the correct stage of the quest chain. You can also find the druid Halsin, who uses a special disguise to hide his presence.

How to stealthily sneak into the goblin camp

The second, slightly more dangerous way to get into the goblin camp is to use stealth, although this approach definitely has more cons and drawbacks. Of course, you will need Astarion’s sneak attack (if he is not in the team, be sure to take the time to fix it), a powerful crush or strength attack, such as a war hammer or otherworldly discharge. Shadowheart’s Trickster’s Blessing and Pass Without a Trace will not hurt, although they are less important.

  1. Activate stealth for the entire group on the bridge west of the Dead Village.
  2. Sneak along the right path until you reach a wooden platform with a rope on top.
  3. Have the party jump across the river to the path on the other side (possible slight fall damage).
  4. Silently kill the goblin guard at the top of the stairs to the east using Astarion’s sneak attack.
  5. Follow the path to the wall with the Goblin Camp fast travel point on the opposite side.
  6. Use a sneak attack to kill an enemy and use the chance to go up the stairs next to the goblin named Breaker.
  7. Follow the top until you can see sleeping goblins and other enemies. Move away from the mobs so as not to wake them up, then jump down to their floor.
  8. Move past the enemies to a large fountain. Above it, to the north, is the Cracked Wall. Your characters may even detect it if they pass a Perception check.
  9. Use Astarion’s sneak attack to silently kill the sleeping goblins near the fountain.
  • Now that there are no enemies nearby, you can act a little louder. Use this opportunity to break the cracked wall. She is immune to all damage except bludgeoning and force damage, the latter of which takes double damage. Mace, War Hammer, Cudgel, Great Cudgel, Magic Missile and Mystic Explosion spells will all allow you to destroy the wall. Most likely, it will take several attacks / hits to completely destroy.
  • Once the wall is broken, go to the next corridor.

You will find yourself in the Broken Sanctuary! You still need to be stealthy, as anyone who sees you will instantly attack the squad. The sanctuary is full of tall rafters that can be used to explore the area from a safe height. Go down only when you are confident in your abilities. Be sure to research the Sanctuary before doing anything drastic; plan your actions, save as often as possible. If there is a spell that allows you to communicate with animals, go down into the spider pit and convince them to attack the goblins in order to reduce the number of enemy mobs (of course, if you plan to kill them).

How to get through with a fight

If you are going to destroy everyone and everything, upgrade your squad members to at least the fourth level and select the best companions for battle. Social skills are not needed, stealth too. Be sure to rest before entering the camp. And here are the recommendations directly on the conduct of the battle:

  1. Try to split the enemies apart. If possible, attack individual enemy groups, and don’t engage them all at once. If you can isolate parts of the camp, such as the Worg Outpost or the Crusher Arena, it will be much easier to control the situation.
  2. Poison the goblins’ booze. If you infiltrate the camp before the attack using charisma and persuasion, look to the right of the central spit, just after Volo, you will find a vat of booze from which all the mobs drink. Use any poison from your inventory on this container to watch a cinematic in which some goblins drink and die, although most still survive, realizing that the drink is poisoned. The goblins will immediately accuse you, but you can pass a social skill or illithid check to outsmart your enemies and convince you that you are not guilty. In this way, you will significantly reduce the total number of enemies in the upcoming battle.
  3. Focus on AoE effects and ranged attacks. Goblins are a diverse group of fighters, with ogres and bugbears on their side, but they tend to focus less on quality than on quantity and melee attacks. Keep them at bay by ordering Gale and other casters to use offensive casts aimed at crowd control and ranged combat.
  4. Use cover, heights and surrounding objects. Your tanks like Lae’zel should stay out in the open more often to draw the attention of enemies, and any ranged DPS or characters with lower armor ratings should use cover to increase the armor rating bonus, as well as heights to increase ranged accuracy. fight.
  5. Use narrow spaces. If you get surrounded, you will probably die. To compensate for the significant outnumbering, direct the goblins over bridges or stairs. In this case, they will attack in small units and groups, sometimes even one at a time.
  6. In the Sanctuary, use bonuses from nature. Giant spiders will aggro on goblins if you can talk to them (requires animal communication skill). Or they will attack everyone if you push any living creature into the pit towards them. You can also find Halsin in the worg pens. The druid can turn into that same bear, thanks to which he will literally tear the goblins apart.

How to solve the moon puzzle

Once in the Defiled Temple behind the Goblin Camp, you will stumble upon a cute puzzle that will unlock you into an important area, a Seluny outpost in the Underdark, where the Quest for the Nightsong quest directs you. Also, if you decide to bypass the mobs from the goblin camp, this is the only way to avoid them without using the front door.

You need to navigate the discs correctly, so split up the squad and get the extra characters out of the way.

The solution to the puzzle is to rotate the three discs correctly:

  • 2 times upper
  • 1 time right
  • 3 times top
  • 3 times left
  • 3 times lower
  • 2 times left

Once you solve the puzzle in the Fel Temple, a door will open and you can enter the next area, Selunite Outpost. This is the starting location of the Underdark. Go down the stairs and head to the right to unlock the Deepholm – Selunite Outpost waypoint. You can now enter and exit from here, bypassing (teleporting) the goblin camp. Or you can go deep into the Underdark. Gale will be inspired by the fact that you solved the riddle and opened the secret passage. There is also a lever above the bench, which can be found in case of a successful skill test. In this case, you can pull it and open the door without solving this puzzle.

Hints for solving this puzzle are in a separate journal, but to get it, you will have to fight the huge Polma, Priestess Gut’s bodyguard, and Priestess herself if she is also in the room.


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