How to Clear Browsing History on Amazon Fire

One of the great advances in technology has been made by the Amazon company, which has not only dedicated itself to offering its services as a platform for buying and selling items from different ranges, but has also sought to innovate in the creation of new technological platforms. that facilitate access to entertainment applications .

One of the best-selling products of this company is the Fire Stick TV, which is crowned as one of the most useful devices to buy due to its incredible versatility.

The Amazon Fire Stick TV is a device which allows us to install a Smart TV-type interface on any of our TVs, this will work as a multimedia player which will allow us to have access to multiple streaming-type services with 4K resolution capacity, always and when our TV has an HDMI adapter.

In addition, this device complements quite well with other technologies such as Alexa, it can “go to sleep” and just by using voice commands we can automatically select movies and series from services such as Netflix, DAZN, Movistar +, Disney + and Apple TV, or install Amazon Prime Video in the comfort of our television.

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  1. What is the main reason to delete your history?
  2. How can I find my history on Amazon?
  3. Delete one by one the items from your list that you have seen recently
    1. Delete your TV shows
    2. This is how your movies are erased
    3. Remove items directly from your carousel

What is the main reason to delete your history?

Many of us associate deleting the browsing history with a feeling of privacy or avoiding future problems, in the case of our Amazon Fire Stick, deleting the history of series, movies or streaming services goes a little beyond secrecy and is linked much more to the comfort we need to enjoy series or movies that are of your interest.

Setting the example that in the place where we make our family life, everyone at home has different tastes , from children’s programs for children, action and mystery series for the father, to soap operas for grandmother and superhero series or dramas for teens.

With so many options present in the Amazon Fire Stick search engine, it will be much more difficult to resume the episodes of a series or documentary of our liking, so the easiest option in this case is to delete all the browsing history and remove the root problem.

How can I find my history on Amazon?

If we want to review which chapter of our favorite series we are in or that movie we saw a while ago and we want to relive the experience, we just have to follow the following steps, taking Amazon Prime as an example:

Login to our Amazon account . Click the Accounts and Lists button in the upper right corner of the web page. And lastly, click on Prime Video, then on View History.

Delete one by one the items from your list that you have seen recently

Amazon Fire Stick offers us a wide range of options to delete programs, movies or series in our history or that we have recently seen and appear as recommended in which we have:

Delete your TV shows

In the case of deleting a TV program from our playlist or history, we will follow this process : Go to the TV tab on the home screen of our Fire Stick. Browse the list of programs to find one you want to remove from the list. Select the Remove from recently viewed option.

This is how your movies are erased

In the case of our movies, we will follow a similar method to that of the programs to erase them: Go to the Movies tab on the home screen of your Fire Stick. Browse the list of movies to find one you want to remove from your list. Select the “Remove from recently viewed” option .

Remove items directly from your carousel

Fire Stick uses a carousel mode on the home screen to place the recommendations of our preference, if we want to eliminate this section, without having to consult customer service , we will follow the following instructions:

We are located on the carousel. We select the option Delete from recent. Once this is done , the series or movie will be removed from the carousel and recently viewed, but not from the library .

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