How to clear your browsing history in Chrome

You are looking to erase your browsing history and all your computer data, or stories after stories of all the pages you visit appear. Then we will show you the easiest and simplest way to achieve it.

Your cell phone search browsing data accumulates space or garbage on your phone. Therefore, it is recommended that you empty your search history every month and also for greater security that your friends do not see the pages you have visited when you lend them your cell phone for a moment.

On the cell phone we have thousands of browsing data from all our applications. But always the most used for information search are Google and YouTube, in Google you can delete the history of the information seen, while in YouTube also, but in video or as a tutorial.

It is always advisable to perform maintenance and clear the auto-complete history of your phone for better performance and greater fluidity. So just monthly debugging will free you of junk storage that is housed on your cell phone. Keep reading all the information that we bring so that it will be very helpful.

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  1. What does the history page of a browser show?
  2. How to clear my browser’s history data
    1. Only one element
    2. From Windows PC or Mac
    3. On Android or iOS cell phone
  3. How to make history clear automatically always
  4. What does Google do with the information in your history?
  5. How can I navigate without a trace (Incognito mode)
  6. How to delete the incognito history of your pc?
  7. Delete YouTube search history on my mobile

What does the history page of a browser show?

When we talk about how to delete the browsing history of Google Chrome you must first find out about the things that this history saves. What the history does is save and then show each and every one of the sites and pages that have been visited.

The sample of these sites has a set base number of ninety 90 days in length, then it is automatically deleted. This is done to keep what has been searched safe, in case that information needs to be used again.

You can stop showing the visibility of this data by doing a history deletion. Similarly, when you log out of Google Chrome from a certain device, the history data will not be displayed either.

How to clear my browser’s history data

Browsing data or history is erasable data and information if you don’t want it to be shown. In this sense, either from the pc or from a smartphone you can do this deletion procedure.

Similarly, you can selectively do this process in your browsing history. In other words, it is not necessary to completely delete the history, but you can delete one or two pages or sites that you have taken a look at.

 Only one element

The process is very simple if you only want to delete an item from your browsing history. In this sense, whether on a phone or when using a computer, you must first access the section where it shows the history.
Later, when the section opens you will find the large websites with their name and address. Next to this, you will see the time the device entered the specific address and next to it, you can see a white box.

This box is used to mark certain pages or sites that you want to remove from this site. So you must click on the box that is diagonal to the name of the page you want to delete. When selecting the box, a drop-down bar automatically appears where the delete option is. So you have to give it there and it will be deleted.

From Windows PC or Mac

On a computer, whether it has a Windows operating system or a Mac pc, you can delete the history. To start deleting the browsing history, it is necessary to open the browser , in most cases Google Chrome.

Next, the button with the three dots must be located, which appears next to where our profile photo appears. You can also locate it below the button that shows an X which is the one used to close the browser. Right there you are going to look for the option that says history and you must enter this section.

You can also open it by using the control shortcut plus the letter H. Upon entering this part, you will see all the pages or sites that people who use the device have visited. On the left side there are three options, one of them is the one that says delete the browsing data. Therefore, to delete the browsing history, you must press there and wait for the process to complete.

On Android or iOS cell phone

From our cell phone we go to the settings menu, where we will locate the area or Google activity, we press on google to start anchoring, several accounts may appear, press the account that you want to delete all browsing data.

You must locate the data and customization menu until you find the option of my activity at the bottom of the menu, pressing click, on the main screen you will see three dots on the upper right side next to the history search engine, click on the three dots , a menu will appear immediately.

In the menu we will locate the option or box to delete by, we click, four options will appear such as last hour, last day, since always and custom period, you can choose the one you want whatever your case.

If in your case you want to delete everything completely with the option from always press click, and you will immediately delete or delete waiting a few seconds to complete the deletion. And in this quick and easy way you achieve what you are looking for.

In this way, the phone will be left without any record of what you have previously visited. But every time you access places, it will quickly fill up again. You can also do this process by deleting all the data in the application. Well, with this option what you do is delete everything that app has done.

How to make history clear automatically always

You can make the story only save information for a while and then it is automatically deleted. Since there is an option that allows you to delete the browsing history by time .

You must open the browser to search for this section, then we look in the most part or in the three points. We look in the part that marks us Search Activity and then go to where it says automatic elimination.

And there you can put a time limit for deleting the data on the phone. On a computer, you open Google and look for what it says data and personalization, there we go to Controls of your account activity. Later, to erase the browsing history by time, you look in an area called Activity on the Web and in Applications.

Then we will mark what it says Manage activity and we end with the automatic elimination part. This is where you can set the time limit for saving and deleting information.

What does Google do with the information in your history?

What the Google Chrome browser does with your browsing history is collect the information you use the most. In this sense, every time you go to locate something, be it a page, an image or a site, the browser does a quick check of the browser.

If in this check, the browser finds that in the 90 days that have passed before the search you have already gotten there. This browser will generate a quick entry to the site so that you do not have to follow many steps to get it again.

In the same way, it is used to make the odd advertisement for publicity announcements. For these reasons, it is not very convenient to delete your browsing history all the time. Well, the browser will run out of information to compare.

How can I navigate without a trace (Incognito mode)

Google provides a way to navigate any website or social network without the browser saving it. This option is called incognito mode which is a section where a slightly different tab is opened than the normal Chrome ones.

This page is going to be in black and what it does is that you can walk around without registering anything you do. You will not be able to see anything in your browsing history nor does it keep a record of passwords. You can open it in the three dots in the area to open a new incognito window.

How to delete the incognito history of your pc?

Many times we use the incognito tab to be able to navigate sites where we do not want it to be registered on the computer. If you are a parent, always check or recover the deleted browsing history , since nowadays children are very curious and may be looking at pages that you do not comply with for them.

Normally from our PC we go to the menu of the three dots located in the upper right part of the screen. From this place we can visit any page with the confidence that the history is not saved.

In the browsing history you can see all the pages visited but it does not record the pages that you have opened as incognito. In order to locate the history we will go to the magnifying glass and place a command prompt, open and place the following command ipconfig / displaydns by pressing enter.

And in this very easy and fast way we will see all the incognito record that you have visited, to erase all the incognito history we will write the command ipecconfig / flushdns , press enter and in this way it is possible to completely erase the history.

Delete YouTube search history on my mobile

From our YouTub application and on our cell phone we go to the magnifying glass, that is, to the YouTube search engine, in this place you can see all your history, you choose the one you want to delete in the way by moving it to the left.

But if you want to do it in another way, in the upper right part of the YouTube main page in the logo of a sphere we press giving clip and it will throw us a menu , you will choose the adjustment option, then you will locate the history and privacy option.

In the history and privacy you will see all the options to erase the YouTube search history or the playback history, it is the best thing to do to erase both histories. And in this easy and simple way you can completely delete your searches in your browser.

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