How to clean the car windshield

Hygiene, maximum visibility, safety: these are the 3 basic elements for choosing to always keep the windshield and windows of your car clean. Let’s find out how to reconcile this need with everyday life, here’s how to clean the car windshield.

Car glass cleaning

If your car is clean on the outside, it may not necessarily be clean on the inside too: do you know which detail is overlooked most often when cleaning the exterior and interior of the vehicle? The windows, and specifically, the windshield.

Think about cleaning the windows and you will realize that having a perfectly clean windshield inside and out is not obvious, and moreover it offers several advantages. One for all? Driver visibility, very important for driving peacefully and safely, day and night.

In the event that taking care of the windshield is an operation that you find difficult and a little uncomfortable, here are some tips to do less effort with cleaning car windows.

Choose the right products for your windshield

Instructions for properly cleaning the windshield of your car

Do not be fooled by haste: especially in window cleaning , and if it is not an operation that you do often, it is really a bad adviser: so take a few minutes to do this job in the best way.

The first thing to do is to choose the right product : do not wash the windshield with the products you use on the surfaces, but not even with just water.

Of course, among the 2 options, rather than a wrong detergent it is better to use only water, but you will not get a perfect and quick final cleaning.

To clean the car windows, you should therefore buy a special product , easily available in shopping centers, specialized shops and online: the economic investment is minimal and the product will last you a long time.

After purchasing the detergent, choose the cloth, possibly in microfibre, which must be clean and without lint: advice? Keep 2 on hand, one to clean, the other to finish and dry thoroughly.

How to clean your car windshield in minutes

Once you have chosen the cleaner and cloth, you can start cleaning the car windshield.

Keep the products and accessories at hand and start with a good wash: first of all, spray very little product, then get ready to use energy. Because? Because it is not enough to spray the detergent and polish quickly to have shiny and really clean windows.

The correct procedure is this:

  • spray and let the product act for a few minutes
  • clean carefully and carefully
  • rinse with clean water (perhaps in a spray bottle)
  • spray a little detergent again, clean faster and rinse again (especially if the glass is very dirty)
  • dry with a clean microfibre cloth

A secret to cleaning the windshield is also this, that is drying: this step, often done quickly, sometimes avoided, is actually essential for a perfect result.


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