How to clean car windows

If so far cleaning the car windows has been a long, boring and sometimes not very satisfying task, today we explain the tricks to speed it up and still get an excellent result!

Read here how to clean car windows.

Why clean the car windows

All vehicles indisputably look more beautiful when the windows and headlights are clean : for this reason, a professional washing cannot be limited to the bodywork and wheels, without forgetting the rear-view mirrors!

Boring? Maybe yes, but having dirty and opaque windows leads to poor visibility and compromises safety on board.

Fortunately for you, taking care of keeping car windows clean is a simple operation, which we advise you to plan and carry out periodically. Here’s what it takes and how to act.

How to clean car windows: products and steps

First of all, buy at least 2 specific glass cloths : a small investment to say goodbye to halos. In fact, the classic cloth designed for cleaning the car is not suitable for this job: in stores (including online) you will find specific cloths for crystals for a few euros.

Buy at least 2: why? One is used to clean the glass, the other to dry it: this is in fact the real trick to always having the car windows clean and without streaks! But let’s go in order.

In addition to the cloths, you need a suitable detergent : how to choose it? Again, generic detergents are not good, but you have to buy a special product.

In general we advise against the use of those containing ammonia, because they are harmful to many interior surfaces (rubber, leather and vinyl), as well as being toxic for you, especially in small environments such as the passenger compartment of your car.

Now that you have everything you need, start: to clean the car windows without streaks, spray (a little) detergent carefully, then wipe with a cloth; the last step is to dry properly. Don’t neglect the headlights, mirrors and rear window!

Economic car glass cleaning

What if you have to clean the windows today, but you don’t have these microfibre cloths or even the special cleaner?

Don’t give up, you can in fact opt ​​for a home remedy, that is the newspaper. Many people opt for cleaning car windows with water only: for the internal windows it is fine, but for the others, certainly dirtier, we recommend adding a little soap (such as dishes, or Marseille). Once the DIY mixture is ready, you can spray it with a special container, or take it from a basin with a sponge. At this point pass the newspaper for finishing.

In short, no excuses: cleaning the car windows is an excellent opportunity to refurbish it and guarantee maximum visibility on the road.


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