How to change the type of sprint in FIFA 23 FUT?

We tell you how you can change the sprint type of Ultimate Team players in FIFA 23 using the chemistry modification consumables.

FIFA 23 is supported by Ultimate Team as the main aspect that can be enjoyed by its fans around the globe. Among the novelties of the version of the current generation is AcceleRATE , a mechanic that marks the type of sprint of the players among three possible: controlled, elongated and explosive. This trait is determined by a number of parameters that can be altered in FUT through chemistry changes . We tell you how you can change to take advantage of its advantages as part of our guide .

How to change the type of sprint in FIFA 23 FUT?

The community has found the lengthy style to be the type of sprint that best fits the FIFA 23 meta. On paper, this version allows tall players to gain the speed spike after several seconds of running. It’s basically the one that center backs use the most, making them extremely effective against explosive and controlled speed forwards.

To achieve the elongated sprint, a player must meet the following requirements: have more than 65 strength and 55 acceleration, that between strength and agility there is a difference equal to or greater than 14 points and they are at least 174 cm tall . Players like Virgil Van Dijk fulfill it. Obviously, he is considered one of the best center backs in the world. But there are strikers who can also fulfill it by applying consumables to them.

We give a clear example: Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese has a controlled sprint type, and his agility and strength stats add up to 77 points each. If we apply the Architect consumable to him he receives a 15 point bonus in strength. Yes, you got it right : Now he will have 77 Agility and 92 Strength , which exceeds the minimum difference requirement between each other. Now you will have a striker with the optimal speed facing the goal.

Other players who can take advantage of this change are the following:

  • Karim Benzema
  • Robert Lewandowski
  • Toni Kroos
  • marquinhos
  • Alaba
  • Memphis Depay,
  • Theo Hernandez
  • Lucas Hernandez
  • Walker
  • Kostic
  • Fede Valverde
  • Koundé
  • Military
  • Tadic
  • Tomori
  • Tonali

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