How to change the theme or design of a slide in Power Point

PowerPoint belongs to the group of programs developed by the Microsoft company , whose main objective is to be used in all activities related to the office.

The first version of the program was released at the beginning of 1987, however, and although it may seem incredible, this platform was created by Apple’s Macintosh. From 1990, it became part of the Microsoft family.

Since its inception, PowePoint has been one of the essential audiovisual media for all those who present their work through slides which can have background images. This resource can be applied in various areas of daily life; either in research work developed by students, and even by employees of national and international corporations.

One of the details that is a bit complex when making a slide is the application of a theme or design. Therefore, the following will explain step by step how to change the theme or design of a slide in PowerPoint for free .

How to change the theme or design of a slide in PowerPoint for free?

PowerPoint has used slides as its main resource. A slide is a graphical representation exposed through a device called a video beam. The video beam works in conjunction with some type of electronic device that can supply you with the images of the slide show, commonly laptop or computers.

The images will be transmitted by the reflector of the video beam . Often, a vertical platform is required that has a light color and does not have any type of object or figure that can distort the images.

Contents such as images , texts, figures and some presentation effects can be displayed on a slide . In addition, the user will have the possibility to customize the presentation according to how they deem appropriate, having the option to edit images.

Steps to change the theme or layout of a slide in PowerPoint

Versions prior to 2003 have an option called template whose function is similar to the themes of the slides in much more current versions. You can create your own templates.

If you want to modify or change the design of a slide you can do it in the following way:

  • Enter the program from your computer.
  • Then click on “new” to start developing a slide.
    Now click on the menu located at the top right of the screen; right in the «format» section .
  • You will then be presented with a list of options, from which you must select in “Slide Design” .
  • Right in this space is where we are offered different alternatives to design the slide at ease.
  • Then you can choose the option to apply the layout to all the slides in your presentation; or if you want to apply it to just one specific.
  • Then click on the “view” menu located on the side of the screen and select “pattern” . To view the list of slide masters.
  • This way, you can apply or change any theme or design on your PowerPoint slides.

 Some Power point slide design or theme options

Currently, applications have been developed exclusively aimed at offering a list of options and effects to apply in a slide show. However, these products must be previously downloaded to the computer and there are some in which a form of payment is required to obtain them.

However, there are several presentation design and customization options that have been incorporated into PowerPoint programs with a version that is not considered too “old” .

Some tips when it comes to customizing your slides are; First of all, pay attention to the background details . You can create an interesting background by adding warm, vibrant colors, and you can even mix up a few and see how they look. If you wish you can download more templates.

Change the style of the markers , so that the texts are not located in the same position. Also select a type of font that can be understandable to the naked eye and has a unique design (it will also depend on the sense of presentation, if the theme is quite classic, corporate or interactive).

You can add figures allusive to the topic you are dealing with, and you can even use some comparative tables, diagrams, percentage rates or representative tables. In this way you will get a better result with the slide, since what you want to express will be more understandable.


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