How to know if my mobile or cell phone is 4G or 5G

The technology in cell phones is improving more and more, this is due to the great influence it has had on the lives of human beings. Since there are very few people who, being in the 21st century, still do not have a smart phone.

How to know if my Mobile or Cell Phone is 4G or 5G Very Easy!

With these devices we can perform and fulfill a large number of daily tasks and activities . Among which we can mention, send messages to our relatives and acquaintances, buy and sell things, obtain information on many topics, read news and among many other things.

Therefore, it is not only important that the devices improve as far as the hardware is concerned (Internal components that make sure the equipment works). If not, the internet connection must also be improved as is the case with the advancement of 4G technology to 5G , here you can learn about their differences

But if you still don’t know which of these two technologies your mobile device has, don’t worry because below we will show you all the steps so you can know if your smartphone has 4G or 5G speed .

What is browsing speed?

Browsing speed is a very important and a notable factor when we access the internet. In basic terms, we could define it as the time it takes for the browser to enter web pages , which varies on all smart devices.

To determine the average speed of a team there are several factors that we have to take into consideration. In the case of mobile data, these depend on its speed at 3 factors, which are the internal components of the equipment , the speed it can lift and the network provider.

What is 4G and 5G speed?

In recent years the network has improved in an incredible way, and even continues to do so, which means that at the moment the evolution in terms of technology is constant. Basically when we talk about 4G speed and 5G speed, we talk about a great advance raised in recent years . We show you how to activate the 4G connection of a smartphone.

Already, cell phones that manage to receive 4G feature networks can process a variety of applications tied to network use. Among which we can mention multiplayer games, viewing of videos in maximum quality, downloading heavy files and among others.

The new generation of networks promises not only to improve the use of the aforementioned, but also to change the current connection of devices wirelessly. Connecting objects that previously seemed impossible to link like vehicles and traffic lights.

How fast can these technologies go?

Already knowing that 5G technology will improve the user experience less compared to 4G, it is normal for anyone to think about a very important question: What is its speed? At the moment the 5G bands use a range of 30 Ghz to 300 Ghz .

While the bands used in 4G technology could reach a range below 6Ghz. Regarding the download speed, the maximum that 4G provided was 1Gb / s, while the new technology promises to improve this range to 20Gb / s , which surely no user will be disappointed.

How do I know if my mobile or cell phone is 4G or 5G?

Currently there is no process with which we can determine if our cell phone receives 5G technology or not, this is because there are not many equipment that can support it. Therefore, we must access the Google listings that show which devices support this technology.

But among the most famous are the Huawei P40, Samsung Galaxy S20, Xiaomi Mi 10, ZTE Axon 10S PRO . And practically any other team subsequently released to these models.

Also, it should be noted that since the technology is so recent, only new equipment is adapted to support this technology . Therefore, if you have an obsolete computer, it is very unlikely that you will be able to enjoy this advance.


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