How to do a virtual class in Jitsi Meet and Power Point

Giving virtual classes today is a common theme, that’s why there are platforms like PowerPoint and Jitsi Meet that make it easy for us to do them. To begin, you must design the slides that explain the topic that will be discussed with your students, where you place each section, subtopic part by part and highlight the most important aspects of it so that there are no doubts.

After having done this, you are required to record the class, so you should prepare to explain in greater depth each point made in the presentation previously made. To do this you can rely on external applications or the same Microsoft Office platform , pay attention to how you can do it with each of them.

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  1. Can I design my Power Point sessions and transmit it to all participants?
    1. Screen share tool
  2. Do I need to register a user to be able to use the application?
  3. Steps to create a video conference in this app
  4. How to invite someone to join the conference?
  5. What is the capacity of people that Jitsi Meet allows?
  6. On what other devices can this application be used?
    1. From your Android device
    2. IOS version

Can I design my Power Point sessions and transmit it to all participants?

Of course, PowerPoint allows its users to create impressive presentations with a good visual aspect, which makes them an attraction for the audience, but which in turn facilitates the recording of these from the computers in a very easy way. Using this platform, you can give your class where you include an audio of your voice explaining the syllabus.

With the recent PowerPoint updates you will be able to record your face and at the same time the audio while you make the presentation of the subject raised to the class. But also, another way that exists is that you prepare a separate audio or video and then what you do is add it to the presentation through the ‘insert’ option that appears on the toolbar within the app. If you decide to record your presentation with audio and video, we will explain it to you in more detail shortly.

Screen share tool

When you have made the presentation on the slides and you are ready to record the material, you must check the option that says ‘presentation with slides’ on the platform’s toolbox , clicking there will appear three more alternatives in the menu. You select the last option to record slide show .

Once you press this option, this will take you to a new tab where the slides appear and there you can start recording. You can select the camera icon to share the screen and it will be a full shot instead of just audio. After this you only need to press the red button located in the upper left corner of the screen and voila, there you can pause or end the video whenever you like.

Do I need to register a user to be able to use the application?

The Jitsi Meet platform does not require that you have to have a user or registration in order to use it. You just have to create a class (here you must do it in a very personalized or unique way) , for this use uppercase, lowercase, numbers, name of the institution, grade to which it is directed and other specifications that you consider necessary.

Steps to create a video conference in this app

After knowing that it is not required to do any type of registration on the platform, only that you must identify yourself with the name, then there if you proceed to create a videoconference where you can share slides as in zoom or Meet . Thus, you open the page on your computer or the app on your mobile, enter your name and then a section will appear for you to designate the name of the meeting.

Here you need to be as specific as possible and give it a name according to the institution where you work, the subject, grade, among other alternatives that make your classroom creation unique. Once you have placed the name, you must click on ‘create’ and the session will open. Now, what follows is that you must share the name of the room so that your students can join it and you can start with the class.

How to invite someone to join the conference?

Once you have created the video conference and want your students to join it, it turns out to be a very simple thing to do. You should look at the bottom of the platform, on the right side for a small circle with the letter i in lowercase. When you press there, you will get a message from the app indicating that there you will have the link to share so that more participants can enter, so you must copy it and send it.

What is the capacity of people that Jitsi Meet allows?

Being an application that works like a classroom, it is possible that it allows a really significant capacity and that it will probably be enough for the students you have. So far, the application only admits a number equal to or less than 75 participants for each videoconference that is held, the host or teacher in charge of directing it must be included here.

On what other devices can this application be used?

It is possible that not only on your computer you can make use of this dynamic platform to give your classes, it is also possible that you will find it on other devices such as mobile phones and tablets of different brands, although it works a little differently than in the desktop version or PC.

From your Android device

If you have a mobile with Android operating system, you can download Jitsi Meet from its application store . You just have to look for the app with its respective name, then click on install, accept the conditions and wait for the download to complete. To enter a meeting now, you can do it by pressing a link, enter your name (from the settings section), then enter the name of the classes, click on create or enter and that’s it.

IOS version

Similar to Android, the application works on iPhones and iPad tablets. In this case, it will be downloaded from the App Store and once installed, you will be able to use it. To join a meeting you just have to put the name of the class and you can easily access it (don’t forget to identify yourself with your name).

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