How to change the owner of a file in Google Drive

Do you use Google Drive to share information at school, work or with friends? Learn how to change the owner of a file or folder in Google Drive.

The cloud storage service has grown in popularity over time, offering space to store files and data without taking up physical space.

In 2012 the American company Google launched its file hosting service and called it Drive. To access this service, the user must have a Google account, with which they will manage the files they want to host in the cloud.

Offers 15GB of free storage ; This storage space can be expanded as much as the user wants, selecting one of the available monthly plans.

To access your account you can do it directly from the web or by downloading the application for computers. It also has a mobile application for most operating systems.

So you can store, access and even edit the data and files you have saved no matter where you are.

Furthermore, Google Drive offers a high level of security. To keep your information private, you can choose to receive a notification each time you log into the account from your PC or any device.

Files that you can store in Google Drive

Google Drive services allow you to store files previously created on computers or phones, such as documents or images, in the cloud .

You can also backup your photo and video gallery . As well as the creation and storage of native Google files, such as:

  • Google docs
  • Google Sheets
  • Google Presentations
  • Google forms
  • Google drawings
  • Google My Maps
  • Folders

Types of permissions in Google Drive

Depending on the type of user of a Google Drive file , it will have access to certain permissions that will allow it to execute some actions.

An owner user is the one who has created the file or folder on the Drive platform and therefore has the permissions to edit and modify it as desired, change the assigned name or content, and even delete it.

You are also allowed to determine your privacy preference for the viewing of content by other users. And it has the power to transfer ownership to another user of the platform.

On the other hand, the editor users have the permissions granted by the owner to modify the content of the files or give editor permission to other Drive users.

Finally, viewer users can only view the content of the files and do not have permission to make modifications or comments on them.

How to change the owner of a file or folder in Google Drive?

To start you must access your Google Drive account either from the web or from the application installed on your personal device.

If you have your Google account started in your Chrome browser, you just have to press the icon with nine dots that is next to your profile picture and select Drive.

Once you are on the home screen of your account you must select the file you want to transfer to another account or person, select the share option. You can also do it by pressing the add user icon.

Now you must enter the email address of the person who will become the owner of the file and pressing the pencil icon grant them the editing permissions and press the send button to finish.

Now this user can view and edit the file you have selected. Select the file again to start the ownership change process.

Select the Share option and in the pop-up window press the Advanced option at the bottom right.

Reselect the previous contact and press the pencil button next to it. Select the option Owned and press the Save changes button.

You must bear in mind that if you select a folder, you will still be the owner of the files contained in it, so you must select them one by one.

Once you have transferred ownership of a file, you will not be able to make modifications to it until the new owner assigns you the required permissions to do so. Learn how to create a group Drive to work simultaneously with people.


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