How to turn my old phone into a smart speaker

The world of Gadgets offers a wide range of options and tools that you can use in your home to make your life easier. These gadgets range from smart vacuum cleaners, pool cleaners, color-changing lamps, and of course smart speakers.

The latter is especially useful because it allows you to control all the appliances in your home with your voice. However, not everyone has the resources to buy one of these speakers because they are a bit expensive.

In these cases, what could you do? You could create your own smart speaker and we will help you achieve it. In this article we will show you a technique you can use to turn your phone into a Google Home . This will allow you to use any phone that you are not using so that it becomes a great gadget for your home.

What is Google Home?

This is an App that allows you to configure and control Google Nest and Google Home devices . It is a kind of remote control, with thousands of smart home devices from well-known brands.

In short, this App allows you to control, organize and manage thousands of lights, cameras, speakers, TVs and other compatible devices.

It also allows you to see your reminders and notifications, manage Google settings and your device Settings with a single application.

And the great thing about all this is that your Android device can become Google Home and thus, among other things, control your devices. Let’s see how to achieve it, we will explain what steps you must take and you will see that it is very easy to follow them.

How to turn my mobile into a smart speaker or Google Home?

To be able to turn your computer into a Google Home, it is necessary to have two basic things, a speaker and a mobile. There is no problem with the type of speaker, it simply must be functional.

It doesn’t matter if your speaker connects via Bluetooth or wired. Although it is advisable to use a cable one since those that connect via Bluetooth , usually disconnect if there is no activity for a while.

That is the case of the speaker. What about our mobile device ? Does it work with whatever you have available? The answer is no.

Our equipment must be compatible with Google Assistant for it to work. It is also necessary to have a free memory of at least 1.5 GB and a screen resolution of at least 720 pixels. Now that we have the basics for our smart speaker, let’s see how we can do it.

Step 1

Go to Settings, then select Google, while there, press “Search, Assistant and Voice.” Then you must select Voice Match and access the system to configure OK Google and save your voice. If you are interested in knowing how to change the voice of the Google assistant on Android, enter this article.

Step 2

In this way, the assistant will be able to recognize your voice and obey the orders that you indicate. Now select the Hands-free mode and you must activate the wizard to accept Bluetooth and cable devices.

How to connect the mobile and the speaker?

What you must do as the last step to make your mobile a smart speaker is to configure it so that it is attentive at all times. Activate the option to unlock the phone by saying “OK, Google” in the Settings section of the Google option.

Once you are there you must select Settings> Google> Search, assistant and voice> and activate the option to access with Voice Match.

After doing all this, it only remains to connect your device to the speaker in your house, either via Bluetooth or with cables. Now you need to pair it with your smart home devices so that you can interact with them fully.

Then you can not only ask about the weather but adjust the devices you want the way you want. With this we finish the guide, we hope it has been useful and you have a home smart speaker using your old mobile.

If you have a Google Home device and you need to reset or set it to factory settings, this article is the one for you.


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