How to change snooze time on iPhone

The default iPhone alarm snooze time is 9 minutes, and there is no direct way to change it in the native Clock app. This means you cannot change the snooze time on your iPhone if you need extra minutes to get up! But don’t worry.

Here are 2 workarounds to buy you more time. But first things first!

What is the reason for the 9 minute delay?

It dates back to the days when only mechanical cogwheel watches existed. Aligning the gear teeth for exactly 10 minutes served as a physical constraint that forced them to choose between nine minutes or more than 10 minutes.

This is due to a biological cause that people have been writing about in reports back in the 1950s. The reason, which was postulated and even made sense, was that 10 minutes was enough for people already half asleep to fall back into deep sleep.

This means they will wake up disappointed again, so nine minutes would be the optimal amount of time to take a last-minute nap without losing yourself again in the world of dreams.

Another common reason that seemed more logical was that the time for the repeat function should be the highest single digit.

Although, in any case, it is unclear what led Apple to accept the idea of ​​9 minutes as the default snooze time, especially when the iPhone does not have such restrictions.

Anyway, if you want to change the default 9 minutes, keep reading.

How to Change Your iPhone’s Snooze Time with the Clocks App

Instead of changing the snooze time, you just need to set multiple alarms with longer intervals in between. This will automatically increase the snooze time. This is the simplest workaround without downloading the app.

For example, I need to wake up at 5 am, but I need more time to sleep. Hence, I will simply set several alarms with a long interval of time. First, I’ll set an alarm that goes off at 4:45 am to get an extra 15 minutes of free time, and then another alarm at 5 am.

Let’s see how to do this.

  1. Open the Clock app.
  2. Tap the Alarm tab at the bottom.
  3. Click + in the upper right corner.
  4. Enter the desired time using the scroll wheel or numeric keypad.
    Note: If you are using the 24 hour time format on your iPhone, you will not see the AM / PM slider when you create an alarm.
  5. Turn off the delayed signal after installation.
  6. Finally, click “Save” in the upper right corner to set the first alarm.
  7. Then follow the steps above to set another alarm.
    In my case, it is 5 am.

This now means that two alarms have been set, one at 4:45 am, acting as a warning signal indicating that it is almost time to get up, and the other at 5 am, acting as the main alarm to let you know that it is finally time to start. day.

Alternatively, you can also have a shorter retry time. Just set multiple alarms with a shorter amount of time.

Consider the same example as above. If I want to wake up at 5 a.m. but need a shorter snooze time, I set multiple alarms at a shorter interval (say 5 minutes) so that they go off earlier than the 5 a.m. alarm.

Additional Information: If you wake up earlier than your desired snooze time, go to the Clock app and manually turn off other alarms to avoid annoyance.

Customize the snooze time on iOS using third-party apps.

Aside from the steps above that have a pretty good effect on snooze times, many third-party apps in the App Store can help you set snooze times. The add-on is that they also offer additional features.

In this article, I used Alarmy to explain how third-party alarm clock apps work:

  1. Download Alarm from the App Store.
  2. Open the app and click + in the lower right corner.
  3. Tap Alarm.
  4. Use the scroll wheel to select the desired wake-up time and tap Snooze.
  5. Select a snooze time and click Done.
  6. Finally, tap Done again to set the alarm.
  7. Optional: Use the recorded sound as an alarm or listen to the app’s sleep sounds to fall asleep.

Additional Information: Alarmy offers a wide range of fun activities such as solving math problems, taking pictures, playing memory games, reading the news, and viewing the horoscope to wake up in the morning.

Other alarm clock apps I recommend:

Note : The steps are very similar to changing the snooze time in all applications.

So, here’s how you can change the snooze time on your iPhone using the built-in Clocks app or third party apps. Which third party company do you find most beneficial to yourself? Let me know in the comments.

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