How to Change Password Within OLX

An OLX profile allows you to buy and sell your goods in a fairly extensive community of users who also seek to buy and sell services or goods , which are advertised through this platform. This online marketplace is quite popular in terms of classified ads and offers a versatility of buying, selling and exchanging goods and services among its users.

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  1. In what ways can I recover the OLX password?
  2. Is it necessary to modify the OLX email to change my password?
  3. What are the reasons why I need to change an OLX password?
  4. What if I forgot my OLX password and can’t change it?
  5. Is it possible to change the password while inside the OLX account?

In what ways can I recover the OLX password?

To change the password at the moment you log in, you must enter the OLX page or the application, choose the option to log into your account and press ‘continue with Gmail’. Now you must enter your email and then press the option ‘Forgot your password?’, To initiate a password change with a recovery email that will be sent to your Gmail account.

If you normally log in from the browser; To recover your OLX password you must open the OLX site and click on ‘My account’, then click on ‘I can’t log in’; You must enter your email and a new password , now you must repeat the new password to confirm and press the ‘Change’ option.

The next thing is that you must access your email and look in the inbox for the email that contains the confirmation link that has been sent by the site, in case it is not in the inbox it may be in the spam or spam folder. This verification strengthens the security and privacy of the site.

If you have the OLX application on your Android mobile, to change your profile password you must enter the application and select ‘, Sign in with an OLX account’ and then press the option ‘I forgot my password’; You will now need to enter your email address to receive the password recovery link in your inbox.

You must access your email and check the inbox for OLX mail, in case it is not in the inbox, it could be in the spam or spam tray ; once found, you must open the email and press the link in it to access OLX and change the password to log in again.

Is it necessary to modify the OLX email to change my password?

To make a change in the password of your OLX account you do not need to change your email; in fact, when you are going to make a password change you must make sure that the email address that you have entered to receive the recovery link is the same email address that you used to create your OLX account, if you enter a Foreign mail to your account will not be able to be recovered.

In the event that when making a password change, enter an email other than the one you used when creating the account; the platform will not accept the email as it will not recognize you as a user. This ensures that someone else cannot access your OLX account and make a password change without you noticing.

What are the reasons why I need to change an OLX password?

Changing your password regularly is quite useful on all platforms. If you are logged into a computer other than yours, it may be a good security measure to change your password to prevent other people from accessing your account . You can also make a password change in case you have ever shared this data with another person and you want to prevent this person from entering your profile.

In case you have logged into a public browsing site or on a computer to which several people besides you have access, changing your password can prevent the ‘Save passwords’ option (which is present in many browsers) It can be used for other people to usurp your identity or steal the data stored in your OLX account, remember that they can do banking information within this platform.

What if I forgot my OLX password and can’t change it?

If you have forgotten your OLX password and you cannot change it because you do not have access to the email linked to your account (this is the way to recover the password) you have the option to do an email recovery ; To do this, you must have the active phone number that you used to register for your Google account.

Email recovery is done by entering Gmail and entering your email (the one you used for your OLX account), instead of entering the password you must press the option ‘Have you forgotten your password?’, And follow the steps indicated by the site, you will receive a message with a code to be able to put a new password to your email and be able to access it again. Once this is done, you can request your OLX recovery email.

There is also the option of entering a link that shows your saved passwords , when entering here you must identify yourself with your email and you will be able to see the passwords you use on various sites and the email with which you access them. Passwords cannot be seen with the naked eye, so you must press the eye icon to make them visible and retrieve the one you forgot.

Is it possible to change the password while inside the OLX account?

It is possible to change the password while inside your OLX profile, to do so you must enter your profile and press ‘My ads’ (in the upper right corner of the page), press the ‘settings’ option and now enter your current password and the new password you want to enter, to finish, press the ‘save’ option and that’s it. You will be able to access your OLX profile with your email and your new password.

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