How to change or remove footer copyrights and credits in WordPress

WordPress is a versatile Content Management System (CMS) , through which we can create, modify and administer a web page or blog; This is possible thanks to the use of templates or themes, which divide all the content into 3 basic parts: the header (header), the body (body) and the footer (footer). From the latter, we will teach you how to remove credits and copyright in WordPress.

What is a footer and what is it for?

A footer is the bottom section of any paper document ; transferring the same concept to the Internet, it is an HTML element that is present in all the pages that make up a website, and where relevant information is displayed, but that is not normally included in the body of the same.

Why is it important to put credits and copyrights in a footer?

The content of a footer is visible throughout the website ; Usually the name of the company that owns the copyright of the published content, its physical address, slogan, also its contact information on social networks, contact email, telephone or mobile number and also the designer’s email in some cases.

Visually the footer tells netizens what the end of a page is. But thanks to the footer, the company can be easily contacted and will make it clear that it owns and is responsible for the content it sees on the website. Next, we explain how to remove credits and copyright in WordPress.

How can I remove or change footer credits in WordPress?

In WordPress there are several ways to remove or change what the footer shows; Some are easier to do than others, the simplest way depends directly on the type of theme you have installed in WordPress, and the most complicated one needs to have a basic level of knowledge of the PHP and HTML programming language .

Of course, the first step is to access WordPress. You enter your username and password in the form that you will see at the address Where is the domain name of your website. Upon entering you will see the administrator’s desktop and the options you need you will see in the menu on the left side of the screen.

In WordPress themes, especially paid ones, you can find a button from the menu on the left.  “Theme Options” or “Theme Options”. It will take you a control panel, which includes the same theme and you will find an option that says “Footer”. There you can put the text you want.

Another option

Another way is using the native WordPress theme configurator , which is used to build the web ; to get to it, you just have to go to the option “Appearance> Customize” or by going directly to the URL:; Once you open the customizer you will see in the options on the left side the button “Footer” to remove or change the text.

The way that follows is for users with some experience, since we have to use the WordPress file editor, to go to that option we go to “Appearance> Theme editor” , we look in “Theme files” and select the file of “Theme footer”, which is called footer.php. In the central part we will see the source code of the file, to change its content.

We see the editor directly, at the address If we do not have our administrator session started, the access form will appear asking for the username and password. And from an FTP connection we can directly edit the file in the path /public_html/wp-content/themes/tutema/footer.php.

There are many options to remove or change the credits and copyright in the footer. The recommendation is to put all the contact information so that visitors know how to find you. Taking better advantage of the advantages of your website and increasing your productivity.


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