how to change language on Instagram

If you need to learn a new language you can help yourself in your goal by changing the language on Instagram in a few steps.

There are numerous tricks on how to learn a language and you will surely have already tried, for example, to learn English by watching TV series on Netflix . Today even social media are very useful for learning a language other than the one you are used to speaking (think of YouTube which offers content in all the languages ​​of the world with the possibility of adding subtitles or translations). Precisely in this sense, even a social network like Instagram is perfect for those who want to learn new terms and words because images help a lot to understand a text written in a language that is not their own.

So if you have decided to learn a new language a very effective method is to use this platform to start practicing a little. As? Just change the language on Instagram and that’s it. This social network allows you to change the language of the account at any time , choosing the one you prefer. In the latest version of Instagram, for example, you can choose from 23 different languages ​​(including English, Italian, French, Spanish and even Portuguese and Chinese).
When you install the application on your mobile phone, the language that is chosen is the one set on your smartphone. So if Italian is set on your mobile phone, Instagram will inevitably also be in Italian.

If you can’t wait to find out how to change the language on Instagram continue reading this guide where we will explain how to change the language in a few steps whether you have an Android or iOS smartphone or if you usually use and publish Instagram from a computer .

How to change language on Instagram from Smartphone (Android / iOS)

If you have decided to change the language on Instagram and want to do it from your smartphone or tablet you can do it in a few steps. Once you are logged in to Instagram on your Android or iOS device, it will only take you three steps to change your language settings. Here’s how to proceed:

  1. Go to your profile by clicking on the little man at the bottom right;
  2. Click on ≡ at the top right then tap on the gear symbol;
  3. Click on the Accountitem , then on Language and choose the desired one from the list.

After these operations the social network should automatically change the language or ask for confirmation of the changes to be made. In a few minutes you can use your Instagram in the desired language.

Change language on Instagram from PC

Although Instagram is used by most smartphone users, it may happen that you want to log in from a PC to have a larger screen available to watch your friends’ stories or simply because you have an empty mobile phone. In this case, you may be interested in knowing how to change the language on Instagram from a PC. The procedure to follow is quite simple. The first thing to do is to go to the site and click Sign In. Once you have entered your data to change the language from the PC you must:

  1. Click on the little man at the top rightor select any page (other than the main feed);
  2. Scroll with the mouse to the bottom of the pageto read the menu items in the footer;
  3. Click on Languageat the bottom of the page and select your preferred language.

After you have carried out these simple operations, all you have to do is restart Instagram to make sure that the requested changes are successful.

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