How to change language to Alexa

The voice assistant Alexa speaks and responds to commands only with the set language which in our case is Italian; if you try to give a command in English Alexa will not execute it. If you want to change the language of Alexa then you will have to change its configuration but keep in mind that many of the skills developed in Italy (for example skills for national news) will not respond to commands in a foreign language and therefore could stop working.

In this very short guide, without getting too lost in unnecessary details, I will explain how to change language to Alexa.

Change language to Alexa

You will be able to change language to Alexa from your smartphone via the Alexa app. Open the app and press the menu button at the top left of the screen depicting three lines and in the side menu that will be displayed select the settings item .

Now select the Device Settings item and then select the Alexa device to change the language to. Then select the Language item and set the new language you want to use. You can choose one of the languages ​​on the list; if the language is not present it means that the Alexa voice assistant has not yet been implemented to speak that particular language.

You will find more information directly on Amazon’s help pages .

So, in conclusion, you can change the language to Alexa to your liking with a couple of simple steps. Please note that if you have decided to change language to Alexa, some skills may not work correctly. Looking for Alexa Guides? You will find lots of them on this page.

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