How to cancel my Hulu subscription

Due to the arrival of the internet and the different smart electronic devices with access to it, we can access much of what we like in terms of entertainment.

If we focus only on television shows and movies , we know that a while ago it was very difficult sometimes to have access to this type of entertainment, because many times satellite television could be a bit expensive depending on the country and that movies only they could be seen in the cinema since DVDs were only accessible after a few months after a movie was released.

Given this, many companies have realized the need to have a reliable, accessible and comprehensive service of the different things that a user wants to see. That is why different streaming platforms have been created , such as Netflix, Disney +, or even in a broader spectrum, Hulu.

Hulu is a platform that is dedicated to the transmission of different content to your television, mobile, tablet and others. What differentiates Hulu from its competitors is the ability to watch live TV , through channels like ESPN, which is very attractive, especially if you have access to a Smart TV or if you have the opportunity to watch it on a Roku .

But despite this, and the packages of chains like HBO that are available to the user, you may be interested in canceling your subscription to Hulu if you already have one, as we will show you below.

Canceling your subscription directly

Despite how incredible Hulu is in terms of the services it offers, it is totally understandable to want to cancel the subscription that you have in it. This may be due to the high costs of additional services, or if you have been looking for a full service; And although you can always change the type of subscription you have, canceling it is not a crazy thought either.

In the event that you want to cancel your Hulu subscription , the best way you have to do this is by going directly to the Hulu page , logging into your account, and then entering the ‘Your Account’ option that appears on the screen .

Here, you must click on ‘Cancel’, and after having followed the instructions on the screen, you must confirm by email that you really want to cancel your account and it is not a small error, to have it canceled in a way definitive.

Canceling your Hulu subscription on other platforms

It is possible that you have subscribed to Hulu or have obtained a membership through another platform, such as iTunes, Spotify or Disney +, perhaps even with the idea of  sharing an account of this last platform with your friends . If this is your case, depending on the platform, you will have to cancel your subscription through that platform.

It really is a very simple process, as you normally have to navigate to your account page on the platform and review the various options until you can find your Hulu subscription to cancel it.

An example of this is with iTunes, where you must enter your account on the ‘Account’ page, then enter ‘Settings’, under ‘Subscriptions’, and where it says ‘Auto renewal’ turn off Hulu renewal.

It is just a matter of you being able to find where your linked Hulu account is located and close, although you must bear in mind that normally you can cancel the account on the page, as in the case that you have started your subscription on a device such as that of a Roku that is properly configured


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