How to upload MP3 files to Amazon iCloud or Google Music

Having music on your computer is always useful to distract you, de-stress or even be able to carry out activities or work and improve your concentration thanks to music.

The problem is that computers have a storage limit and having too many files could cause your pc to perform slowly, which you should improve its performance .

For this reason, it will always be a good idea to upload all your music files to the cloud . There are several recommended alternatives to do this, including Amazon iCloud and Google Music.

If you are a music lover and you have a large number of MP3 files, you can save all your files in the different online storage systems . Many users do not know how to do it, but the procedure is really very simple.

In the following article we will explain in a simple way how to upload MP3 files to Amazon, iCloud and Google Music, so that you can have all your music without fear of losing it.

How to transfer Apple Music to iCloud?

iCloud is Apple’s online storage system . You can use iCloud from an iPhone, iPad, iPood Touch, MAC, and Windows. You will need to register to obtain an Apple ID with which you can access.

Transfer files from a mobile device

To transfer music to iCloud from a mobile device you must activate the music library and go to the settings and music section. At this point you must activate the synchronize library option. You will need to sign up for apple music, otherwise you won’t see this option.

Transfer files from a MAC

The first thing to do is open the Apple Music App . Later, in the menu bar, select music and then preferences.


Finally, go to the general tab and select the synchronize library option to activate it and press the Ok option. Like the previous procedure, you must be subscribed to Apple Music.

Transfer files from a Windows PC

The first thing you must do to be able to transfer music to iCloud from Windows is to have iTunes installed . You must access iTunes and activate the iCloud Music Library option.

To do this, you must select the edit option and then preferences. Then you must go to the general tab and activate the iCloud music library option and click the OK button.

In this way, your iCloud account will have all the songs and you can delete them from your pc or mobile devices to save space .

How to transfer MP3 files to Google Play Music?

With Google play Music we can store up to 50,000 songs for free and if we pay the premium package, we will have a capacity of 100,000 songs, which is an impressive music library.

There are several ways to upload music to Google Music , but the easiest is to do it directly from your computer to the web. To do this, you have to enter the Google Music website, log in with your username and press the button with the three horizontal lines.

A menu with several options will be displayed and we will have to select Upload music. There we can access the folders on our computer and select the songs we want to upload. You can also do it by dragging the files to the web. Once the process is finished, our songs will be saved and available in the cloud.

How to upload MP3 files to Amazon?

In order to upload songs to this platform, we will have to access the web and register if not, and log in. Later, you will have to choose the option to load music.

Then you will have to select all the songs from your computer. Currently Amazon Music has a limit of 250 songs uploaded, however, this figure can increase to 250,000 with the premium version.

Advantages and disadvantages

You can get a great collection of music if you decide to upload your files to Google, Amazon or Apple clouds. However, there is a fear on the part of users of losing their music because they do not know if they will keep the same brand of mobile.

Unfortunately, there is no compatibility between different storage platforms on the web, but it is always a great idea to upload your files to the cloud to get free storage. You can also use the different platforms without any problem to further expand the limit of your music library.


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