How to calculate the percentage in Excel?

How to calculate the percentage in Excel? Among the many uses of the Excel work tool is the possibility of applying a percentage to the calculations made in the sheets of this tool, there is more than one alternative to do it. Next, we will give you some of these options.

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The percentages

Percentages are the way we express fractional numbers, that is, any number is expressed as a percentage of the number 100. They are generally used as a comparative way between two different quantities. They are indicated with the% symbol, although it is the same as indicating 50/100, or failing that, 0.50 .

At the moment of taking the numbers of the Excel cells to percentages, the only thing that must be done is to enter the amount to be percentage and the% symbol, that is, we enter 50%, once we press the enter key the entered value will be recognized automatically by the system as a percentage amount.

Apply% to cells with numbers

When applying the percentages to numbers that are already recorded in an Excel workbook, the system will automatically multiply these numbers by 100, in order to bring them to percentages. In this case the equation that will be used is the following: quantity / total = percentage .

Applying the% to cells without numbers

In this case, the system will perform the calculation in a different way, if you enter numbers equal to or greater than 1, the previous formula will be applied automatically, in the case of entering numbers less than 1, the system will multiply them by 100 to take them to %

Showing the numbers as%

In this case, the formula will be applied to the cells previously selected to bring the numbers to percentages.

Select the cells you want to carry percentages.

Click on the percentage style alternative .

Later press on the keys Ctrl + Shift +%.

This will allow you to convert the selected cells to percentages.

Another alternative

Enter the home tab of the number group , press the icon next to the number box, which will show you a cell format dialog box.

Once you are in the box indicated above, that is, in the cell format , enter the alternative called category, click on the percentage option.

This will display a series of alternatives from which you must choose the decimal places box, enter the number you want to be displayed.

For example, if you want to green power the percentage number as follows = 10%. Then you must enter the number 0 in the decimal places box, otherwise the percentage number will be displayed as follows = 10.00%.

Important to remember

It is very important to remember that Excel is a work tool designed to handle numbers and formulas, that is why it is recommended to have a knowledge , even if it is merely basic, of this tool, otherwise you will not be able to handle it correctly.

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