How to become a policeman in GTA?

How to become a policeman in GTA? In the universe of video games there is always a great variety of alternatives when it comes to characters, in the case of GTA one of the options is to be a policeman. Most of the characters in this video game go to the part of breaking the law, and commit as many criminal acts as possible, but this is not the only alternative that players are given, they may also be policemen.

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  • 1 The plot of the game
    • 1 How to be a policeman
    • 2 How to configure
  • 2 The different law enforcement agencies

The plot of the game

In this video game the characters are mostly criminals , who specialize in fields other than criminal careers, as the game progresses the characters tend to interact with each other creating increasingly complicated situations.

Basically it is based on criminal situations where you can see fights between different gangs, confrontations and a series of crimes that take place according to the decisions and actions of the characters. But as in everything in life, criminals have their antagonistic side, the police and if there are a few players who do not want to be criminals but police and for the criminal acts of the previous ones.

How to be a policeman

Although it seems a bit strange to become a policeman, the first thing you must be is a criminal. In order to participate in this video game as a police officer, you must do it as follows:

The first thing you should do is go to the police station and steal a police car from the department parking lot.

Later you will have to be the cause of great chaos, kill people, steal, be responsible for several explosions, are some of the actions that you will have to perform.

Once the police decide to leave the headquarters and go after you, it is best to steal one of the police vehicles and escape from them.

Finished with all this chaos, you will go to the configuration.

How to configure

At this time what you should do is go to the Rockstar editing section , locate and select the alternative to enter director mode.

Select the settings option.

Once you are in this alternative, deactivate the search level, as soon as it gives you the alternative of restricted areas, click on the NO option.

In the invincibility alternative, click on the YES option.

After completing the corresponding settings, you will have to return to the director mode.

Enter the alternative of actors . Among these options choose the one related to emergency services.

The different law enforcement agencies

When it comes to the alternatives of law enforcement officers, they are not very varied, you can choose between being part of the Swat team or being a city policeman.

Once you have made the choice of the police force you want to belong to, press select.

At this moment your character will reappear , and from the director mode select the garage alternative.

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