How to calculate sporadic totals in Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel helps us do simple and complex calculations with ease. If you have a list of numbers, it’s very easy to find them.But sometimes we are faced with a situation where the numbers in the cells are intermittent. This is called sporadic behavior in Excel. Didn’t understand what I said? Let’s say we have multiple numbers in multiple cells followed by a blank cell. You need to add all the numbers and display the result in the next blank cell. This is the way to calculate sporadic totals in Excel .

This is not an easy task that cannot be done easily if we have big data in an Excel spreadsheet in this template. In this article, I will show you how to easily calculate sporadic totals in Excel, which will help you calculate the sum of cells that are discontinuous.

Calculate sporadic totals in Excel

Here is an Excel spreadsheet that has columns for Products and Sales . In the Sales column, you can see a blank cell after several cells. We need to calculate the sum of the cells and show the result in the next blank cell, that is, here we need to calculate sporadic totals in Excel.

So, first select all the cells in the Sales column. Then press CTRL + G or F5 to open the Go To dialog box . Click the Special button and select the Constants radio button. Click OK and all the numbered cells will be selected in the Sales column.

Then go to the Home tab and in the Editing section select the AutoSum option. This sums up the values ​​in the selected cells and displays the result in the corresponding blank cells .

To select blank cells with a sum of cells, select all cells in the Sales column again. Then press CTRL + G or F5 again to open the Go To dialog box . Now click the Special button, select the Formulas radio button and click OK.

This will select the cells that show the totals we calculated above as they have formulas. Fill it with color to differentiate with other cells.

This is an easy way to calculate sporadic totals in Excel. Hope you find this useful, and if you have anything to add, please point us in the comments.

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