How to allow unreliable shortcuts in iPhone

When we use the Shortcuts app on our iPhone or iPad we have a couple of options. The first is that we create our own shortcut, as in the case of the Time Lapse photos we saw a while ago. The second is that we use a shortcut already created by someone else or downloaded from the internet . In this second situation, before we can add new shortcuts, we must make some adjustments.

Unreliable shortcuts, to use with caution

Within the same Shortcuts app, in the Gallery tab , we find a section of shortcuts that we can add to My shortcuts with a single touch, but what if we want to add even more shortcuts? Easy, we configure the app to trust unreliable shortcuts .

The options of the Shortcuts app are many and varied, we have to be careful with the shortcuts that we install, since we could find, for example, one that simply collects the contacts from the device and sends them to a cloud. This is why Apple considers any shortcut outside the Gallery as unreliable. The steps to be able to use these shortcuts in our app are simple:

  1. We open the Settingsapp on our iPhone or iPad.
  2. We enter the Shortcutssection .
  3. We activate Allow unreliable shortcuts.
  4. We touch Allow.
  5. We enter the code of our device.
  6. We press OK.

Now that we have given permission to the system to add shortcuts from the links, we simply touch a link and after the Shortcuts app opens on our device, which shows us a preview of the different actions it carries out, we scroll to the bottom and tap on Get Rogue Shortcut . Done, we already have the shortcut on our device.


This is how I have done a 365-day Time Lapse with the iPhone and two simple shortcuts

Easy right? With these simple steps we can use shortcuts that other people have created or that we find on the internet. Of course, always reviewing the steps you perform before executing it for the first time, a great automation comes with a great responsibility.

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