How to see which contacts we have blocked on our iPhone

Since the days when it was necessary to leave the phone off the hook to avoid receiving calls, communications have changed a lot. Now blocking a contact on our iPhone or iPad is much easier. And unlock it? And check the list of contacts that we have blocked? Let’s see it

A single list to reflect them all

On our iPhone or iPad we can block contacts to prevent them from calling us by phone , to prevent them from sending us messages, to prevent them from calling us by FaceTime and from iOS 13 to prevent them from sending us emails (as long as we have the address to block saved in contact).

They seem like four different types of locks but the truth is that they are the same . Despite being able to access the list of blocked contacts through the Phone , FaceTime , Mail or Messages settings , the list is the same and is shared. We can access it easily:

  1. We open the Settingsapp on our iPhone or iPad.
  2. We enter Telephone(only on the iPhone) or FaceTime or Messages or Mail .
  3. We enter Blocked Contacts(only called Blocked in Mail ).

Here we have the list of all the emails and phone numbers that we have blocked. We can also edit it very easily.

  1. We touch Edit.
  2. We press the red button to the left of the name, email or number that we want to unblock.
  3. We press Unlockto confirm.
  4. At the end, click OK.


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And that simple. The next time that, for whatever reason, we need to block a contact, we will know that, later, we can undo this block and receive messages, calls or emails again.

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